क्या करूं आशियां बना कर यारों,
पुरसुकूं नींद जब क़ब्र में ही आनी है..

Kya karu aashiyan banakar yaaron

Pursukun Neend jab kabr mai hi aani hai

Wrote a few lines coming form the heart.

What shall I do by building a new house when I have to finally rest in my grave.

Hope you will like it. Comments and suggestions are welcome

Perfection – Kamil कामिल

Itna kamil banne ki fikr mat kar
Log to Khuda mai bhi kami nikalte hai

इतना कामिल बनने की फ़िक्र मत कर 

लोग तो खुदा  मै भी कमी निकालते है 

Just wrote a few lines on perfection – it loosely translates to –

Don’t get so much worried about Perfection my friend,

I have often heard people complaining about God.

In the race for perfection have some moments of life for yourself and don’t get carried away with the extra stress.

Hope you will like it, share your thoughts too.