Tendrils – Mundane Monday Challenge #81

Soft tender tendrils make up for a wonderful greener Monday.


Have a great day and a lovely week ahead 🙂 Loads of love and a BIG KISS 🙂

STACK OF DISHES – Mundane Monday Challenge #75

Another Monday and another time for the MMC.

Here goes my entry for this challenge. These are called Kadhai or Handi in India and you can find them at large in household use and restaurants as well. They are used to serve dishes having curries to be served hot. It can be used to heat up the curry or pre heat the bowl and then serve the dish due to the copper coating in it. I took this in a restaurant I visited recently.


A stack of metal utensils used for serving hot spicy food to spice up your Mundane Monday.

CHIME FOR HAPPINESS: Mundane Monday Challenge #74

When in despair Look up to The Lord, the bells are always there just reach out and make them chime, chime for happiness, chime for spreading the best tune around.

Bells hanging outside a temple – Make your day feel special, chime for happiness

When in happiness thank him for all the reasons that make you smile. Make your Mundane day special by visiting a place of worship – attain peace and calmness and The Almighty’s blessing.

Always Look Up to him, don’t wait for any reason as you need none and should be thankful to him for this life and seek happiness, togetherness and peace in life.

Take care of yourself and those around you – stay happy, blessed and spread happiness.

Lots of love and a BIG KISS 🙂

RUSTY:Mundane Monday Challenge #73

Abandoned, rusted, left out, isolation, lost in vain or whatever you like it, this is for the picture below of the rusted chain of hanging chair in the garden which has been abandoned.

It was once the most sought of by children and now only some mundane photographers like me would take some interest in it. As said “As time goes by….”


This is my entry for the MMC challenge number 73

Enjoy life and hope you like the entry for the challenge 🙂

Love you all and lot of kisses 🙂

FLOWER OF THE DAY and MMC #71– AUG 8, 2016

There are times when you don’t need a flower. The beautiful pattern of leaves with the color combination also lives up to the expectation. After all it’s all about perspectives.


This is also my entrant for the MMC challenge #71, this is such a big co-incidence that I preset this for today and the MMC also features a leaf.

Have a wonderful start of the week and wish you loads of happiness.

Stay blessed, happy and in high spirits, lots of love and a BIG KISS 🙂


Welcome another Monday and let’s make it extra-ordinary from ordinary and make the most and best of it.

Here is my entry to this week’s MMC #68, I took these while I was having my morning coffee, it struck me immediately and I could not resist to capture the stack and pile.






This was the original pile kept at the coffee table

Hope you enjoy and like it. Comments and compliments are always welcome as they provide the space for improvement.

Lot’s of love and have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

Mundane Monday Challenge : Learn Photography – 11 Jul

Another wonderful week has been rolled out with another version of the MMC challenge.

How can we neglect the coffee and more importantly the coffee cup and saucer as they help us kick start our day. A cup of coffee always comes to rescues when you want to de-stress, have a chit-chat with a friend, with your beloved or when you simply need nothing more than a break. I choose the traditional and the most mundane white color to symbolise and highlight it’s value in the frame below, Hope you all will love it


Let’s appreciate the beauty of the Mundane Coffee and thank it for helping us forever and ever.

Have a wonderful day ahead and stay blessed.

Loads of love and a BIG HUG 🙂