When it comes to heritage, class, love and tradition – Taj Mahal always has a special mention.

Here are some pics from the Taj Mahal from my last tour and taken early morning.

Silhouetted at dawn
Silhouetted at dawn


Playing hide and Seek with the Sun



Against the red backdrop


The minarets from the hall of prayer house opposite to it


The Taj from the hall of prayer house

The Minaret – Bottoms Up
The minaret and the moon
A tourist tries to grab a view on his mobile.
Thats why they call it Wah Taj aka Wow Taj – Namste Snap in Indian attire from a tourist delegation 

Hope you liked the pictures and let me know which one was your favourite and critics and comments are welcome too.

In response to the weekly photo challenge Heritage – share a photo that channels a living tradition, whether it’s your own or someone else’s.

Love you all and have a great day ahead, Lots of love and a BIG HUG 🙂

Hari Om and Jai Shri Krishna.

Back with a Sunshine

The sun only sets to rise another day – Higher & Higher, brighter & brighter and bigger & bigger. 

Sunset at the rural area – as beautiful as it can get. Watch it on fullscreen

Hi there! I am back and back with a refreshing feeling, refreshing identity – but the basics remains the same and I know you all have missed me a lot too.

At least I have missed a lot staying away from the blog. There had been many events which came up simultaneously and paused for some time my blogging activity.

At the personal front there have been many itineraries which kept me quite occupied and esp. my little one.

At professional front the last few weeks were the most packed one’s as compared to the year (add an audit besides the regular stuff), so you can understand what it had been for me.

The most important as you all must have realised by now – a makeover of the blog. The blog was renamed to my name and there has been changes in the themes and lay outs. Once I was up with the new domain it took quite some time for me to fix the broken ends and to ensure that I do not lose anyone or any precious moment from my blog. It was quite time taking but the happiness engineers at WordPress are very helpful

Together all these makes you strong and more powerful and responsible person.

I am sure you all will stay connected with me and my journey as I start the journey with a new identity.

Looking forward for your love and blessings, a big KISS and a warm HUG.