What’s your last for today….

So this is the last post from me.

How many times we have said This is the last time I am smoking, I call it quit now.

This is the last drink, I wont from tomorrow.

We have had so many forgotten last times in our lives which we dont really commit to.

These are the ones which are good enough to be left.

How about a last post.

Never, this is a pretty good addiction to call it a quit and wish people keep sharing their creativity and we never have a last post.

Happy weekend….

Survival In Captivity…

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

I used to maintain a book on quotations, metaphors and idioms when I was a kid, there was no internet kinda stuff.

One of the idioms that pops up is this one:

While others live to eat, I Eat to live. 

Eat to Live – Basically it means that eating should not be one of your favourite hobby, one should eat healthy and survive. At least I am not to finicky when it comes to eating. As a matter of fact we need to eat to survive else we succumb.

Live to Eat- on the other hand refers to the fact that eating for you is something beyond just survival.

Given the fact of captivity, do I need to bother what I have been given to eat once taken captive, still given the choice I would go with rice, tea, pulses, egg and bread.

In this age I believe having internet access will be much of a boon when in captivity. we can keep posting our daily update on social media.

Country Side Restaurant- typically called Dhaba serving Baked Stuffed Parathas(Indian Bread) - @http://agileopedia.com/
Country Side Restaurant- typically called Dhaba serving Baked Stuffed Parathas(Indian Bread) – @http://agileopedia.com/

The above image is from a country side restaurant in India when we were en-route to Agra to see the beautiful Taj Mahal. These are called Dhabas in India and they serve some real good traditional Indian mouth watering and relishing dishes.

So next time you come to India make sure you visit one.

What’s the best thing since sliced bread!

What else, when we are belonging to this part of the century,

It’s keeping us busy without a story.

We are writing prompts, it is helping and entertaining us,

And Yes, at times it creates a lot of fuss.

From Obama to Osama all are searched,

No one is spared in this earth.

Stealing quality time from our family, friends and mates,

It taught us to socialize on Twitter, Facebook and Classmate.

What else on Earth is so crazy and overspread,

Internet is the best thing since sliced bread!.

Happy weekend all… keep posting.

A sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — what that transports you back to childhood.

 “The Childhood Transporter.”

Kids get tired after they  enjoy at an all day out @http://agileopedia.com/
Kids get tired after they enjoy at an all day out @http://agileopedia.com/

Christmas Carols take me to my childhood. We used to take part in the winter concert and music fest.

Marbles draw my attention to childhood.

Candies take me back down the child hood lane.

Kites flying high in the sky pull my strings of childhood.

Smell of  freshly baked Cookies take me to my childhood.

The pitter patter of rain and sailing paper boats in the rain water take me to my childhood.

The fresh aroma after rain from the parched mud which was desperately waiting for some water, takes me back to my childhood.

Jon Bon Jovi, Def Lepard, Richard Marx, Pink Floyd, Bee Gees, Johny Cash, Cliff Richard any of their classics reminds me of the old days.

Above all spending time with my daughter, she is my childhood reborn and I relive my childhood with her.

First Blood

When I saw the post this came to my mind immediately First Blood

They drew First Blood, Oh what a movie it was Rambo. The stout John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) and his baritone voice, having ghastly images of the Vietnam War which haunts him is provoked by the cops. Then whatever happens is worth watching.

So today Michelle drew the first blood by this prompt and I wrote about it.

Widening the Aperture of Life | Exploring Options

Are we exploring ourselves or the various options available to us in the spheres of life?

We are busy chasing the moon and landing on the Mars, however we don’t bother or care for the plethora of opportunities or options floating around us.

I recently experienced something wonderful while sitting next to a kid when travelling.

He was the geek kid and downloading Apps from Google play, exploring them selecting some and rejecting others. I believe you all must be aware of mobile apps and Google play.

He was playing with the apps just installed as if they were there installed since ages, some required tilting of mobile to pour water. So out of curiosity I peeped this time to see how does he decide what to keep and what to bin and how does he know the app like a veteran when he had just installed it.

To my amusement each app had a video at the top and he would at the first check out the video and if it appealed to him in the next few minutes then he would go with the app, otherwise he would dump it.

Paperama: An App to master your origami skills
Paperama: An App to master your origami skills

As grownups we don’t open up or explore, I had always installed apps and then uninstalled after finding it disappointing. He was a kid 8 years old yet he was so sensible in choosing what to install.

This extends to all areas of life pertaining to us where we are presented to options however we have been so accustomed to routine than we forget to keenly observe what all options are available to us, rather I would say to change the perspective of viewing.

So the next time you have to analyze please try it from different angles and wear different hats rather than what you are used to.

Enjoy your day…. Have a blasting weekend ahead.