Enjoy the lovely flower of the day as the insect have a lovely time together in it and they say to each other “My journey will be a joyride as I have you by my side”


Wish you loads of love and happiness and a wonderful week ahead 🙂

The mundane insect on the flower make for a special picture, how do you like them, aren’t they too good.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge October 19, 2016

This is my entry for CWWPC October 19, 2016, every Wednesday this challenge is rolled out by Cee Neuner and you can share your rendition of a way – roads, paths, trails…..

This week my entry is the signboard near Taj Mahal which guides us to head towards Delhi taking the Taj Expressway which makes the ride faster and in much shorter time. If you have not yet been to Agra then it is a must visit and express way will not disappoint you.



Enjoy your day and way and loads of love and a BIG KISS 🙂


Off late I have been on and off and not keeping pace with the blog. As we are Bongs and it is Durga Pujo time so it is very hard to manage during this festive season.

I visited my hometown Lucknow and had a good time with many of the relatives and friends here. After a lot of push from the kids I agreed to take them to a newly built park spread over 100 acres( with an artificila lake) called Janeshwar Misra Park in Gomti Nagar area in Lucknow. Decided to reach there early morning as it is not bearable after 0800AM owing to the hot weather. Yes it is still hot to visit it after this time. I decided to carry my camera and had some good time as the kids enjoyed. Also my daughter once again helped me out as my favourite model who gels well with me. Here is a pick from the park, hope you will like it

Pearl posing for the pics
My nephew at his best pose




Wish you all a happy time and those staying in this part of the world must visit this park.

Animals for People or People for Animals

We human beings are a lot indebted to animals for many reasons, Besides serving as a source of relaxation and being a family member we largely depend on them for our milk, food and other essentials. I am not good at stats and don’t have time to research otherwise I would have sure made a representation with comparison with graphs, however let it go it’s just not a Harvard post after all 🙂

A Family enjoys with their dog as it tries his best to catch the water.

My bonding has been a lot with dogs and have sine high school taken care of my pets and saw the family of 2 grow to 25+. I really miss them and at all times they would provide means to play, relax, enjoy and hang out with them. In India even there is a belief that dog would take any omen which is about to happen to his master, I have heard many stories in which the dog died at a time when his owner almost survived an accident. Stories apart I personally feel that we should have a liking for pets and they are so fast in catching up with your instincts and emotions that even if they cant speak they communicate very well and love you despite of any benefits.

These tourists are not at all afraid or worried with the wild money, even as it becomes fierce. 



All smiles and confident that it want harm him, just a shoo shoo will do

Let create a universe which is caring and loving for all animals and thanks to all those who go the extra mile for animals.

Have a good day everyone and stay blessed.

In response to  the discover challenge Animals