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“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare

I am a great admirer of William Shakespeare and wherever you find this quote to its contrary you find his name written beneath.If you had the choice, would you rename yourself or stick to your name?

Name delivered with Love @https://agileopedia.com/
Name handled and delivered with Love @https://agileopedia.com/

People are very choosy when it comes to naming their children; some also celebrate this moment while some sects even have functions or ceremonies defined for the purpose of naming a baby.

I am sure parents across the world are equally excited when a new one joins the family and are excited to choose a name wisely.

As far as India is concerned it plays very important part in almost all religions and across all genres of society. We spend considerable amount of time in researching the new comer’s name. Trivial techniques consist of seeking advice from elders and asking your family and friends for suggestion.

The factors which are usually considered while naming in this part of the world are:

  • Unique: It should be as unique as possible; no one should have heard it before. People end up keeping complex name for their babies owing to this at times difficult to pronounce.
  • Meaningful:  Name should have a proper meaning. Most of the time name is not a proper noun.
  • Holy: Try to name your baby after the name of God/Goddess like Radha, Krishna, Sia etc.
  • Nickname: In a majority of the cases this name gets derived over time by what most people start calling you when you were born. This is contributed by Grandparents, parents, siblings and neighbors. It is too late when you realize that your baby has got a name.  This is name by which the new born will be known for the rest of his life to his entire family and friends and neighbors. There may be more than one nickname.It is associated with a lot of love and tied with sweet memories.
Key chain bearing name @https://agileopedia.com/
Key chain bearing my name @https://agileopedia.com/

My name(Subhash) too has a very special significance and at the same time it holds a very high regard in the society. I will go ahead in explaining about this.

1- Meaning

If I break it up it will split in:

Subhash – Su + Bhash

It consists of

Su – it means beautiful, good or well. It is used in conjuction with greeting like Subh Ratri ( Good night), Subh Din( Good Day) Subh Diwali (Happy Diwali).

Bhash – it means well spoken language or speech.

So combining the two, Subhash implies a person who is very well spoken.


I have a namesake, a person who played a very significant role in liberating India. Reference is to the freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, as my parents were a big follower of his so they named me after him. Netaji holds a place of great respect and esteem in the Indian society and he is regarded as the founder of INA.

I am proud of my name and always take with a pride and love to keep it, thanks Mom and Dad for this nomenclature. It will always remind me of the fact:

  1. To be well spoken
  2. To remember Netaji
  3. Remind me of my Mom and Dad.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and let me know your namesake.

Special thanks to 6 year old daughter  Pearl who helped me to photograph the key chain despite her busy morning schedule to compete with the school bus in the morning, Love you baby.


Eat to Live or Live to Eat

Do you eat to live or love to eat? Will you travel to enlighten your taste buds.

We (calling out all who are reading this) are all fortunate in this world to have food at our disposal.  I am thankful that I get to eat in all quarters.

Being from India which offers a diverse eating option in every mile you travel it is sad that I am not a foodie, well I admit I take what is offered and don’t go for a food hunt spree.

Delicious Parantha with a lot of home made cream


Traditional food served in plates made out of leaves and a canopy arrangement for dining out.



Travel the distance

However I will definitely not travel for food, may be I am not that passionate.

holy Water at the Nikko Shrine
Holy Water from natural spring in Japan

I say very often that there is nothing like water after having some and a few have started to like it. Nothing quenches our thirst and longing when you are badly in need of some water.

Let us thank all the people involved in doing the most serious business around the world – “Cultivating Food” and helping millions of us alive. Seriously I am thankful and respectful to every farmer, dairy worker or anyone who is connected in bridging the gap from the farm to the our arm. We owe a big thank you to everyone out there.

Enjoy and lots of love, kisses and blessings

If life gives you oranges

Lovely Orange

If life gives you lemons, oh pity lemons. I pity lemon for being the subject of continuous assault by the corporate world which made lemons so infamous indeed 🙂 and making it indeed a  fruit portraying low esteem and low value despite its nutritional and medicinal values.

Said that basically the phrase “When life gives you lemon make lemonade out of it” implies that you were expecting something other than lemon, may be apples. Also the sour taste of lemon makes it a victim.

If, ifs and Ands were pots and pans there would have been no need for tinkers hand.

If there is Life, there is a struggle and if we get oranges and lemons then only we realize the value of sweeter side of our life. Nothing is more fulfilling than the sense of achievement doesn’t matter whether you squeeze the lemons or oranges or sell them.

So life will keep on giving oranges and lemons we need to

1-Add more oranges and give it back to the person.

2-Sell them considering they are diamonds.

3-Make it someone else’s oranges, or look for associating more people with some common area of concern. So now basically it will be a global problem and they everyone needs to look for a solution.

4-Look for ways to bartering it.

So essentially there is no need to worry for lemons and oranges it’s just the way you handle situations and there are no coaching for it, life is the best teacher and it will make you learn what you need to do with your lemons.

Enjoy and lots of love and hugs to all.

If you want to be heard speak up

Amongst the many fears that co-exist in our life is the fear of Glossophobia. It is is the fear of public speaking or speaking in discussions. People are reluctant and find it hard to lead the conversations, get involved into conversations or coin their opinion. Largely one of the reasons is their introvert nature which would confine them in getting involved or beginning a conversation.

If you want to be heard speak up – Bill Cosby.

Speak up… to be heard.

Going by the popular quote it is true that speaking is an excellent attribute in both personal as well as professional life. It requires you to take initiatives by leading the talk. One can easily practice and change his ways to be an effective speaker and gather attention. In my opinion to begin with this, the key is to start socializing, talk to more people around you and try to do small chit chat when you reach office, rather than landing at your desk and leaving on time and talking to your restricted few with whom you feel comfortable. You will realize that there is a wide world waiting to be explored around you, you might discover someone who shares the same passion on photography like you. Just break the jinx.

Presenting trainings and seminars over the past few years has taught me a lot in starting them, dealing with the audience and to closing it successfully.

After attending one of the programs I was not satisfied with the training; I decided to create my own tailored program on the subject and coordinated with the stakeholders regarding my plans and rolled it out. It was a huge success and after 2-3 sessions of 4 hrs I started full day sessions. The biggest success lies in the fact when people leave the program with a value add and satisfaction and it is always good to gather their thoughts and next steps after the session.

I learned a lot over all these years since then and have been leading many programs with enthusiasm.

The following aspects should be kept in mind when you plan to take up trainings/seminars or lead the talk:

  1. Be a master of your topic
  2. Break the ice and engage the audience
  3. Listen patiently
  4. Interact with people
  5. Don’t let the session run out of your hand, interrupt where required.
  6. Take feedback and monitor value add and work on continuous improvement based on it. It also opens another window of ideas from the participants.
  7. A lot of passion! – If you are not passionate in the topic you are handling you will definitely mess it up.

When I started seminars, I was always comfortable to speak to an audience with all strangers, so the song from Pink Floyd Is there anybody out there, always used to jingle in my mind. There was definitely a sense of strange fear and anxiety when I saw a known face sitting in the audience. However as you progress it does not come in between and after some experience it ceases to exist.

Doctors know this feeling very well as they are more confident when they operate a patient not known to them rather when someone close to them is under the knife.

Thanks for reading, share your opinions too would be good to read about it and explore everyone’s view, love you all, lots of kiss and hugs.

No Time to Waste…

Life is too short to keep cribbing over small things, be content with what you have and enjoy it to the fullest.

People who always crib about what they don’t have, about their job, about office, about the neighbour, of not being given opportunity should refocus on their attitude towards life.

Life is too short either keep on cribbing and cursing your life or stand up, create the opportunities, chase your goals and be what you want to be. We all are blessed with 24 hours and God has given us enormous gifts, these gifts lie within us, it is time we realize that we are always in a much better position than millions, stay positive and explore our best potentials which are hidden within us. Imagine its like you receive a gift and you don’t use it – Gifts are not meant to be kept wrapped, so unlock your wrapper and explore the gifts within – your power of creativity, wisdom, leading, presentation, drawing, singing, cooking, whatever you are best at and win the world.

Stay surrounded with positive people and good friends. Once I was having a chat with the Vice President of an MNC who had a quick rise to success. He narrated since he started his career and climbed every step of the corporate ladder he had many hands(mentors or coaches) which he could hold to climb up. It was for him to decide which hand he needs to hold to get to the next level, He was fortunate enough to hold the faithful hands and climb the ladder efficiently. We can rectify our destiny by our choices and unleash a world of opportunities by taking the correct decision. This is only possible when you are content and having a peace of mind which in turn enables to do the next level of proper planning and execution.

So lets stop cribbing and remember:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Happy posting month #NaBloPoMo

Destination Anywhere!!!

Where is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love?

I will start this post with one of my favorite Jon Bon Jovi numbers “Destination Anywhere“, it came rocking to my mind with this prompt.

Darlin’, I’m tired of living just in your dreams ,I’m getting out
You know we both sold our souls,We’re just growing old in this sleepy, dead-end town.

Destination Anywhere!!! Name a place and I ‘ll be there, pack your bags and we disappear.

Vacations are meant to provide:

  1. A Break from daily chores, per se from office, kids from school and home.
  2. A time to connect with family and friends.

This in turn helps us gives us a fresh lease of life.

What destinations to choose:

1-In Nature’s Lap

I choose any destination stop as my vacation which is surrounded by natural beauty. I like to explore more towards the gift of God and delicacies nature has provided to us and spend time exploring them instead of going for exploring the most happening cities.

Exploring the Solitude of the beach

Exploring the Solitude of the beach @ http://agileopedia.com/
Exploring the Solitude of the beach @ http://agileopedia.com/

2-Cultural Diversity

Nikko Shrine Japan World Heritage Shrines @ http://agileopedia.com
Nikko Shrine Japan World Heritage Shrines @ http://agileopedia.com

Another interesting factor is to explore the diverse culture this world offers us. Every place, country,city has its own religion, food, culture, people, they have so much to offer. It is a wonder to get to know more about them. When I was in Japan I was fortunate to be there during the Golden Week, a week in which the country celebrates, it is their longest vacation period. I made the most of it by visiting the world heritage sites at Nikko, Lake Chuzenji, Kegon Falls and Yomoto Onsen(natural spa); exploring their cultures and closely watching some religious ceremonies and processions. I was very impressed by it.

Food Display in a Japanese Restaurants @ http://agileopedia.com
Food Display in a Japanese Restaurants @ http://agileopedia.com

I love to get surrounded by the serenity and beauty of the snow filled mountains, sitting by the river, lake or ocean, exploring the wild, watching the sunrise and sunset in the ocean, streaming in the backwaters.The Alps, Himalayas, The Andes to the Rocky mountains to Leh Ladakh all come under the list of places to visit. I would like to give them a priority followed by visiting the man made wonders from historic times to the sci fi ones.

Diya(earthen lamps) lit by devotees for worship to Goddess Durga, the God of Power.@ http://agileopedia.com
Diya(earthen lamps) lit by devotees for worship to Goddess Durga,the God of Power. @ http://agileopedia.com
Tokyo Tower at Night @http://agileopedia.com
Tokyo Tower at Night @http://agileopedia.com



















Very few people are aware about the Tokyo Tower and that it is taller than the Eiffel Tower.

A place which would never come under my radar – Huh, I think the thought of a desert scares me, the tough life, hot sand winds, I would be reluctant to be there – it is better to leave it to Bear Grylls and let him do it for us.

Happy Posting Month #NaBloPoMo