This is my first ever try on Panorama and I am happy with the results.

For Pano you need to have a tripod and take pictures in Manual mode and stitch them together.

This panorama is from my Goa tour, this is the Anjuna Beach, If you have not yet visited this place then make sure you add it to your list of places to visit.


Hope you liked my first experiment with Pano. I will soon share a post on how to do it using GIMP.

Have a good day an have fun 🙂


Stay Focused on your Goal

Just stay focused on your goal and you will never miss it.

Sneak peek and don’t lose your target

Despite all distractions just think about it and work towards it and you will achieve it.

Have a good day.


Every time I participate in the WPC I say to myself that I will not use the same theme or concept as in the challenge, but the mind is so designed that it gets aligned to what it saw and thinks in the same way. Psychological effects and study of the human brain.

Coming back to the post, here is my entry for the challenge:








Have a lovely day and stay blessed 🙂


The squirrel waits desperately looking for his friend and see how it blushes when finally they come close, always beautiful and captivating to be in the nature and capture these moments to make your story. I wish waiting for everyone comes to an end at this same note.

Where do you go – leaving me lonely


Cant see you at sight


Wish you were here
Here I come – Climbing and leaping all hurdles to be with you. 
Reunion times are the best – nothing else is required. Just see their expressions and the love.

Hope you all liked it, thanks for your time and have a good day ahead.


Structure – sometimes ignored and at times overrated, but they always add an amazing element of beauty around us.

Here are some of the pictures for the WPC theme structure.

Leaf Structure – How granular it gets
Dry Leaf – Collected by many and found after in middle of their books and novels
Structure created by the branches and trunk


How can the structures of flowers be ignored.

Spider Web – you always find a new and fasicnating and beatuful design. Appreciate the way these creatures design it so perfectly.

Finally a structure created by humans, the top of a dome from an ancient Mughal era building.

IMG_8044I hope you will like the pictures, share your version too and it would be good to explore.


Have a good day and stay blessed. Love you all 🙂

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Satisfaction for me is somewhat related to passion, the more passionate you are for a particular work, hobby, game, activity the more energy & enthusiasm you put in it and completing it gives you a bigger sense of satisfaction and rewarding experience, esp. to your internal self – more than any material gain. If your passion is your work so you can reap even material gains and you do it with your 200%.

I love telling small tales – So once a person was asked – What do you do for a living?

The answer was, I spend time with my family, love to do photograph, cook and eat food. Out of curiosity the person asked again – I mean, what do you do to earn money.

Oh ok, I work as a consultant but that’s not what I would call living. At the end everyone does not end up doing the work which is also their passion and that’s fair enough. You can do that as a past time activity.

As for me the most satisfying feeling in the world is the quenching my thirst with chilled water, the blessed feeling I have after it. It goes up-to my soul. Then there is my passion for photography which makes me happy. Spending time with family and watching your kids grow up is another feeling, who needs anything else in the world 🙂

Feeling of Satisfaction is very important in life and nothing should stop you from completing your work with quality and precision until you are satisfied – that’s the connect with passion and sense of satisfaction.

Here are some of the pictures which co-relate to the passion and the satisfaction behind it

Satisfaction you get after your favorite dish – Matar Paneer in this case
Paneer Tikka
I bet you cannot resist the street food….
One of the vendors – love the way they decorate it up


Bhel Puri or May be Aalo Chat
Cycling with your kid makes me feel satisfied
The satisfaction an artist has when he decks up his canvas with colors
Satisfaction of capturing the perfect shot

For me photography is something that brings great satisfaction besides drinking water 🙂

Ready with his weapon to shoot
Just taken..

I hope you will like the pictures, share your version too and it would be good to explore.

Have a good day and stay blessed.

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Life is a collage – collage of memories – good and bad, happy and sad much like the pictures we capture. Then only the purpose of life is understood, it just needs to have the perfect balance in color and contrast.

Here are some pics from the weekly theme Collage

Chose the color which suits you
Collection of crockery

My daughter would always create a card with a message written all by herself on the occasion of Mother’s and Father’s day. On one of the Children’s Day she made me feel that we should also create a card for her as it attached more value and sentiments than the gifts. As I know my art skills very well, so I have been creating collage for her on every Children’s day, here is one of them:

Children’s Day Collage

Have a good day and be at your best 🙂



For me bridge is something that provides a connect between two physical or imaginary things, they might be living or non-living. It takes you back to time – so a song is a bridge in your life.

Here are a few pics for the bridge theme, hope you all will like it

Did you notice the lone traveller in the bridge



Bridges also have Blues

Have a lovely day and stay blessed 🙂

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