When it comes to heritage, class, love and tradition – Taj Mahal always has a special mention.

Here are some pics from the Taj Mahal from my last tour and taken early morning.

Silhouetted at dawn
Silhouetted at dawn


Playing hide and Seek with the Sun



Against the red backdrop


The minarets from the hall of prayer house opposite to it


The Taj from the hall of prayer house

The Minaret – Bottoms Up
The minaret and the moon
A tourist tries to grab a view on his mobile.
Thats why they call it Wah Taj aka Wow Taj – Namste Snap in Indian attire from a tourist delegation 

Hope you liked the pictures and let me know which one was your favourite and critics and comments are welcome too.

In response to the weekly photo challenge Heritage – share a photo that channels a living tradition, whether it’s your own or someone else’s.

Love you all and have a great day ahead, Lots of love and a BIG HUG 🙂

Hari Om and Jai Shri Krishna.


Real Life Heroes – Putting their life at stake for others

I could not resist myself from pulling my car by the side of the road (the famous NH-24 which is always crowded)  to capture some pics of this man’s work while returning from my work to home. I was stunned to see this person’s job – fearless, bold and requires a lot of courage and talent.

High Tension towers were being installed and new wires were laid to carry power from the power stations to the city.  There are no covers too at the ground just in case he tripped and the rope fastened to him broke(although it was a very thick one so very thin chances of the same, however accidents happen).  It was almost dusk and he had to complete his work, move towards the tower(he was in the middle) and make his way down from the tower. He had been working up there since long and given the soaring temperature of 42 C it was really a brave-hearts work. I wish I could have his name and credit him in this post.

Men at Work
Doing adjustments





Fixing something between the wires
Moving towards the tower before it gets dark


Still way to go and come down – he has a lot of stamina. Real Life Miniature Photography

My heart goes out to salute all those brave hearts who have such job profiles and yet they perform beyond expectations, complaints and any rewards. The matter of fact is that they are not highly paid individuals and yet they are part of a risk affair. God bless such people and give them peace and happiness in life who work their lives out to enlighten others life.

This also highlights another strange contrasting aspect of our social life:

Some pay to have adventure and fun in their life, while for a few it is the way of life, only means of survival – their bread and butter. 

Looking at the photographs I am sure you must have got an idea of the height of the wire he has been working on. What I can guess is 200-250 fts.

Strangest moment was when slowly the passersby stopped watching me click and one of them asked me “Is that a mad person who has climbed up?”. I did not know how to react and had a feeling of how ignorant this person is, I just smiled back to him.

Those who keep on complaining about their life and job try changing gears with this guy who plays with danger and his life in every moment he works.

God bless you all, stay happy keep smiling and Enjoy. A BIG Kiss 🙂

Earth Day – Paint the Earth Green

Lets us spread the word and awareness to do our bit to protect the only living place on Milky Way and even beyond our galaxy, at least that’s what I know.

It is the only planet which provides us with all resources to survive, let us value and educate specially our children and do our bit to save a bit for them. Everything will be trash if we deplete the natural resources – so reserve, conserve and spend wisely and value what you have been blessed with.


(Pic Courtesy: Concept suggested by my daughter during our tour a few days back, she spotted this small sapling and asked me to click while she shot with her point and shoot)

Hope we have abundant greenery, lushing and gushing rivers, green valleys with flowers and snow clad mountains.

Happy Earth Day to all.

Have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday and spread love 🙂

Hari Om, Jai Shree Krishna.




Share your flower photographs too so that we get to enjoy more of it. So much fun and surprise a flower has to offer.

Have a wonderful day, Love you all, loads of HUG… stay blessed 🙂

Hari Om, Jai Shree Krishna.


The chains meant for security itself needs security from wear and tear.




A deserted place still it needs security or might be the owner forgot about it.

Have a lovely day and wish you a wonderful weekend ahead 🙂

A BIG Kiss and LOVE you all.


Dense and thick and laden with mist and trees……. thankfully lot of places still exists which are not densely populated and a provide tranquillity.





Love you all, share your pictures too and have fun.

Loads of love and wish you all a wonderful weekend and enjoy as it also turns out to be the pay day 🙂

Hari Om, Jai Shree Krishna.


Lots and lots of Green all around, wish the world leaves more of natural resources for the next gen and various generations yet to come.

Wish there is abundance of Water, Greenery, Food and Peace to feed all the living species on Earth, hope people work for this rather than other important issues coming up globally.

Macro – water droplets in grass blades.
Paddy fields – What about Paddy Cool!
Leaves – Hanging along with friends after a drizzle.
Wet Wet Wet
Leaf Macro
Leaf Macro
Pearl 249
Taking a nap – nature’s own bed.

Hope you enjoyed my pics on Go Green and it would be lovely to see your pics too on this topic.

Have a wonderful Monday and week ahead and stay blessed.

Load’s of love and a BIG KISS 🙂


This is one the pictures taken when a group of family and friends visiting The Taj Mahal were posing for the group picture. They were somewhere from Europe I believe. It is always such a fun to travel in groups – so much of fun and frolic.

The picture is so powerful in itself as it depicts love, warmth and passion, you are simply mesmerised by the view of the Taj. That is why we say in India “Wah Taj!” meaning Wow Taj!

Foreigners dressed and draped in Indian attire(Saree)
Loved the man at the right, he was so happy….

Wish that there is more love and peace in the world.

Wish unity in diversity and cultural diversity and cultural fusion.

Wish for peace to freely travel across the world.

Wish for equality and respect among all – beyond race, religion and dialects.

Wish for freedom to choose what to wear in any part of the world.

I could notice the joy and pride they took in the Indian dress and were so happy. Makes you feel more proud and elated whenever you see such wonderful people around you.

Love you all and stay blessed 🙂 Lots of kisses and a big HUG.

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Just shoot off to the road which looks best to you instead of exploring for the new roads, who knows every time you might land up on something special to discover.

Lean LEFT towards your heart, at times a left turn leads you to the right destination – just listen to your heart
Loose yourself in the woods…


Discover your new home

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend ahead.

Loads of love and a BIG KISS.

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