Structure – sometimes ignored and at times overrated, but they always add an amazing element of beauty around us.

Here are some of the pictures for the WPC theme structure.

Leaf Structure – How granular it gets
Dry Leaf – Collected by many and found after in middle of their books and novels
Structure created by the branches and trunk


How can the structures of flowers be ignored.

Spider Web – you always find a new and fasicnating and beatuful design. Appreciate the way these creatures design it so perfectly.

Finally a structure created by humans, the top of a dome from an ancient Mughal era building.

IMG_8044I hope you will like the pictures, share your version too and it would be good to explore.


Have a good day and stay blessed. Love you all 🙂

If you love to participate in challenges then head to the WPC page for more themes and challenges.

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