Welcome everyone to 2019 while we bid adieu to 2018 with fond memories.


शंखनाद – शंख की ध्वनि के साथ नव वर्ष का करे स्वागत। आशा है ये साल आप के जीवन मै खुशियों की बरसात ले कर आये। 

Let us welcome 2019 by blowing the conch of happiness and love and spreading divnity and peace in the world.

Thanks to all the followers and friends, stay blessed and keep sharing.

Om! Peace, Peace, Peace.

In Good Faith…

To start with after I saw the daily prompt I read many of the responses, I did not mean to borrow ideas, today I wanted to read how others are thinking and how many people are having similar thoughts.

So most posts at least the ones I had read clearly state that they are not a church goer or a dedicated religious person and all agree to the fact that there is something, a force that drives us all.

So at times when people fall short, at times of distress, when we feel lost, when we are in the middle of nowhere, in emergency life and death situation, fear of losing –  do we utter God save me, and join our hands and look towards the sky.

It happens, I am not conservative when it comes to religion, I respect and believe in humanity above all. I had spent 12 years in a catholic school so I was brought up singing Carols.  So I enjoy most of the festivals and today y daughter sings the carols for me although she is not in the catholic now. However I love them and its nostalgic and the festive time of the year.

Baby Praying @http://agileopedia.com/
Baby Praying @http://agileopedia.com/

My daughter praying during my surgery.

So this post and most of the post responding to this prompt becomes more directed towards our religious faith rather than sharing our experiences around it.

Love all and stay happy and Keep the Faith in everyone whom you love, be it your near or dear ones or your pet.