Aligned in thoughts

This is in continuation with the picture I posted on 29th Apr(here) where everyone can be seen having a different thought and state of emotions.

Moments later, they are all synchronized and focussed towards something or someone – it is difficult what could have been the unanimous reason for all of them to have this look and focus.


Is it a state of anger or curiosity – I leave it to your judgment. On a lighter note, they all seem to be aligned with each other.

Hari Om, Jai Shree Krishna. Peace, Peace, Peace!

A Mixed bag of emotions

A photograph freezes a moment and makes it immortal. The feelings and the thoughts are captured forever and it is left upon the viewers to perceive it by their way.


This picture was taken during the “Durga Puja” festival and the beauty of the picture is that every face has a different feeling, emotion and a story to tell.

Stay safe and sound during this crisis situation and hope it will pass soon.

Hari Om, Jai Shree Krishna. Peace, Peace, Peace!