Welcome everyone to 2019 while we bid adieu to 2018 with fond memories.


शंखनाद – शंख की ध्वनि के साथ नव वर्ष का करे स्वागत। आशा है ये साल आप के जीवन मै खुशियों की बरसात ले कर आये। 

Let us welcome 2019 by blowing the conch of happiness and love and spreading divnity and peace in the world.

Thanks to all the followers and friends, stay blessed and keep sharing.

Om! Peace, Peace, Peace.


It’s already Tuesday and it’s time to take off, just get set and fly, challenge the sky and don’t limit your thoughts.

Taking off for a flight

It’s your life, you need to decide how you want to take it high.

Have a great day ahead 🙂

It takes a lot of hard work for blooming flowers

Just awe stuck with the beauty of the flowers in their full bloom.


It takes a lot of hard work to see the flowers bloom – sow the seeds, water the plants and take care of them and most important have patience after putting the hard work to see them bloom.


Success in life is also similar to the blooming of flowers, you need to plant the seed of thoughts, do your hard work and have a lot of patience to enjoy the sweet success.


At times the result might not be appealing, however these add to experiences to aid us in future.


Also remember like the flower fades away and wither, success is also short lived and we should not get carried away by success. People forget your achievements very soon, set new targets and work towards them


Have a wonderful day and hope you enjoyed the flost – floral post.

If life gives you oranges

Lovely Orange

If life gives you lemons, oh pity lemons. I pity lemon for being the subject of continuous assault by the corporate world which made lemons so infamous indeed 🙂 and making it indeed a  fruit portraying low esteem and low value despite its nutritional and medicinal values.

Said that basically the phrase “When life gives you lemon make lemonade out of it” implies that you were expecting something other than lemon, may be apples. Also the sour taste of lemon makes it a victim.

If, ifs and Ands were pots and pans there would have been no need for tinkers hand.

If there is Life, there is a struggle and if we get oranges and lemons then only we realize the value of sweeter side of our life. Nothing is more fulfilling than the sense of achievement doesn’t matter whether you squeeze the lemons or oranges or sell them.

So life will keep on giving oranges and lemons we need to

1-Add more oranges and give it back to the person.

2-Sell them considering they are diamonds.

3-Make it someone else’s oranges, or look for associating more people with some common area of concern. So now basically it will be a global problem and they everyone needs to look for a solution.

4-Look for ways to bartering it.

So essentially there is no need to worry for lemons and oranges it’s just the way you handle situations and there are no coaching for it, life is the best teacher and it will make you learn what you need to do with your lemons.

Enjoy and lots of love and hugs to all.

Are you the last letter of the English Alphabet?

Are you the last letter of the English Alphabet?

I love to take challenges and so many people do, remember the Ice Bucket Challenge which stormed the internet and social media a few days back.

What type of person like challenges? Are they special, are they super powered or they are destined.

Challengers are:

  • First or Last @http://agileopedia.com/
    First or Last @http://agileopedia.com/

    Determined to prove and succeed.

  • They are looking out for wider areas to explore.
  • They are chasing their passion
  • They are ambitious.
  • They believe in “Never give up”
  • They are consitent.
  • Failure or success does not bother them, it is the learning and unlearning process they carry ahead.

So what do you think about yourself, are you the one is going to pick up the gauntlet when thrown at you or be like the last letter of the English Alphabet which is always sleeping.

Enjoy your weekend guys…..