यादों की बारिश – Yaadon ki Baarish

कुछ दिनों से बुखार ने बिस्तर पर बांध रखा था
बिटिया की किताब और कलम हाथ लग गई
लिख दी कुछ पाँतिया – उम्मीद करता हूँ आप को पसंद आएगी |

यादों की बारिश

सावन का मौसम था, मौसम मै मस्ती थी,
बारिश की बूंदे और बूँदों मै कश्ती थी…
बारिश की बूंदे और बूँदों मै कश्ती थी|

वो मिट्टी की सौंधी खुसबू , बचपन मैं लेकर जाती थी
गीले कपड़ो मैं घर आना, माँ से छुपते हुए जाना|
माँ तो माँ है,
उसे भनक मिल जाती थी|
वो माँ को आते देख घबराना,
और माँ का अपने आँचल से सर को सुखाना,
दिल मै खुशिया दुगनी कर जाती थी…
वो बारिश की बूंदे और बूँदों मै कश्ती याद आती थी|

आज हम भी है बारिश भी यही…
जाने क्या कमी सताती है, 
अब बारिश हमे डराती है |

सुबह है काम, शाम मै जाम,
दिन के थके पथिक को.. 
जल्दी घर जाने की चिंता सताती है…
वो बारिश की बूंदे और बूँदों मै कश्ती याद आती थी|

भीगना मनो इतिहास हो जैसे, यादो मै ही आती है,
अब बारिश मै भीगने से पहले कपड़ो की चिंता हो जाती है |

जागो नींद से ऐ पथिक, छण भर के लिए त्यागो हर काम,
फिर तैरा दो कस्ती तुम एक, बूंदो की रिमझिम मै खो कर अपना विवेक|

मत करो अपना समय तुम व्यर्थ, हर पल मै जिलों ज़िन्दगी हज़ार
वो बारिश की बूंदो मै एक कस्ती अब तो तुम, तैरा दो यार|
वो बारिश की बूंदे और बूँदों मै कश्ती याद आती थी|

It takes a lot of hard work for blooming flowers

Just awe stuck with the beauty of the flowers in their full bloom.


It takes a lot of hard work to see the flowers bloom – sow the seeds, water the plants and take care of them and most important have patience after putting the hard work to see them bloom.


Success in life is also similar to the blooming of flowers, you need to plant the seed of thoughts, do your hard work and have a lot of patience to enjoy the sweet success.


At times the result might not be appealing, however these add to experiences to aid us in future.


Also remember like the flower fades away and wither, success is also short lived and we should not get carried away by success. People forget your achievements very soon, set new targets and work towards them


Have a wonderful day and hope you enjoyed the flost – floral post.


“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare

I am a great admirer of William Shakespeare and wherever you find this quote to its contrary you find his name written beneath.If you had the choice, would you rename yourself or stick to your name?

Name delivered with Love @https://agileopedia.com/
Name handled and delivered with Love @https://agileopedia.com/

People are very choosy when it comes to naming their children; some also celebrate this moment while some sects even have functions or ceremonies defined for the purpose of naming a baby.

I am sure parents across the world are equally excited when a new one joins the family and are excited to choose a name wisely.

As far as India is concerned it plays very important part in almost all religions and across all genres of society. We spend considerable amount of time in researching the new comer’s name. Trivial techniques consist of seeking advice from elders and asking your family and friends for suggestion.

The factors which are usually considered while naming in this part of the world are:

  • Unique: It should be as unique as possible; no one should have heard it before. People end up keeping complex name for their babies owing to this at times difficult to pronounce.
  • Meaningful:  Name should have a proper meaning. Most of the time name is not a proper noun.
  • Holy: Try to name your baby after the name of God/Goddess like Radha, Krishna, Sia etc.
  • Nickname: In a majority of the cases this name gets derived over time by what most people start calling you when you were born. This is contributed by Grandparents, parents, siblings and neighbors. It is too late when you realize that your baby has got a name.  This is name by which the new born will be known for the rest of his life to his entire family and friends and neighbors. There may be more than one nickname.It is associated with a lot of love and tied with sweet memories.
Key chain bearing name @https://agileopedia.com/
Key chain bearing my name @https://agileopedia.com/

My name(Subhash) too has a very special significance and at the same time it holds a very high regard in the society. I will go ahead in explaining about this.

1- Meaning

If I break it up it will split in:

Subhash – Su + Bhash

It consists of

Su – it means beautiful, good or well. It is used in conjuction with greeting like Subh Ratri ( Good night), Subh Din( Good Day) Subh Diwali (Happy Diwali).

Bhash – it means well spoken language or speech.

So combining the two, Subhash implies a person who is very well spoken.


I have a namesake, a person who played a very significant role in liberating India. Reference is to the freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, as my parents were a big follower of his so they named me after him. Netaji holds a place of great respect and esteem in the Indian society and he is regarded as the founder of INA.

I am proud of my name and always take with a pride and love to keep it, thanks Mom and Dad for this nomenclature. It will always remind me of the fact:

  1. To be well spoken
  2. To remember Netaji
  3. Remind me of my Mom and Dad.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and let me know your namesake.

Special thanks to 6 year old daughter  Pearl who helped me to photograph the key chain despite her busy morning schedule to compete with the school bus in the morning, Love you baby.


Blogging Unplugged

How do you power up and super charge your blog. I wrote a similar post to the daily prompt on o6th Nov 2014 here.

Power Writing or Writing Power

Let me share again a few tips which for sure will be helpful:

  1. Blog Category or Voice: Do you have a particular reason for starting your blog. People blog about photography, cooking tips, parenting, motivation and other stuff. So although this may sound implicit but it is very important for one to realize the sole motto why he is here, why am I writing the posts in the blog. Once you have a vision for your blog half of your battle is won.
  2. 1 % Rule: I read this a few months back and it is very motivating, just do 1% daily of your goal. This means at the end of the month you will achieve 30%. so in other words you can make 30 posts a month. Believe me this is possible, just give a try.
  3. Simple Sharing: Your post doesn’t need to be out of the world or a first time read for the world. Share what you know, what you have heard, what your Mom,Dad, Granny or Kid has told you or your experiences with them.You may find it trivial but there are many people out there for whom it will be a first time read, they will love it. So get rid of this belief – “I may be writing about trivial facts’. Share your experience of a book you read or a movie you saw recently, trust me people will love to read your summary and the way you have shown your interpretation skills. Be simple in writing your posts, you need not showcase your oxford dictionary skills and use the most complex words to leave your readers Google about it. Being simple will help you connect with others.
  4. Reading: One of the most important trait is to read what others are writing. Also indulge in reading stuff from other bloggers. This will help your creative imagination to divulge, you will gather more ways to coin your voice. Some good blogs which are very active and you can take inspiration from:
    1. http://ceenphotography.com/ – Photography blog and organises Daily and weekly photo challenges.
    2. http://judydykstrabrown.com – Unique mixing of poetry in posts.
    3. http://angloswiss-chronicles.com/ – Excellent creative writing and story telling.
  5. Buy Time: This one is the toughest part. I am thankful to GOD that he has blessed everyone with 24 hours, rich, fat, slim or tall all human beings are having the same time boundary. It is crucial how you plan your time, so be good in your planning and ask yourself when is the best time to do some scribbling in your post. Indeed I have to buy time from my wife, kid, office and friends to post. Morning hours works for me.
  6. Thoughts for a post: You might be having some fix time for your bog, however the best thoughts come to me at stranger times, when I am sipping a coffee in the evening, taking a bath or listening a song. Recollect your thoughts before posting, make a list of topics which came to your mind which you believe could make a good new post.
  7. Writing Prompts: Follow daily writing prompts, it will help you initially to write even in topics in which you are not comfortable. This brings us out of the comfort zone.
  8. Read what you write: Before you hit the Publish button or even after that read your post once, does it make an appeal to you. What you did not like to read, you shouldn’t expect others to read it.
  9. Be Happy: Be happy, chase your dreams and ambitions – what I want to convey is, create positive vibes by your post, talk about some skills, your photographic or your poetic side. There is a lot of negativity around. People are genuinely not interested to read about it, Be the happy person to post and soon you will be the catalyst to create a ripple of happiness like a stone thrown in still water creates ripples.
  10. Stop worrying: Stop thinking what will people think about me when they read my post. Start writing first and let others do the thinking. We should not worry about actions which are beyond our control. This is a single reason which is killing the dreams of millions – “The worlds biggest fear, what they will say my dear”.Bury your worries and be free from fear of others,, create trust in yourself and you will be rocking not only in your blog but wherever you are.
  11. Engage and interact with others.
  12. Respect comments on your blog and also be kind to leave a word in other posts which you like.

So just get going and set your post rolling out.