CFFC: All One Color

This week the topic is All One Color, photos with basically one color to them.  You can show a building or partial building, a flower, close up of statues or wood.  The aim is to have a lot of fun with this challenge.

Here are some of my entries for this week and I hope you all will love it.

Stack of bread 
Paddy fields


Rain laden leaf



Blues in the bridges – Rain Laden

Lots of love and a BIG Kiss 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Mar 21, 2017

The topic for this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is View from the Back, Bottom or Underneath.

I found some pictures which were apt for the challenge and I am sure you all will love it.

A back view of Dahlia

We get to learn a lot from the blog and each other, well it was from Cee that I learnt various perspectives – capturing the flowers from the back view is one of them.

Pearl 307
Nothing is more satisfying as quenching ones thirst.
One of the minarets of Taj… Can you spot the Moon.. waning or waxing?
Peacock while going home dancing
Back view of a flower
This is called Bottoms Up…A tree view from the bottom
Playing with Pets
Heading towards tranquillity…. always good to be at beaches which are so peaceful. This is Digha beach located in the Eastern side of India and considered to be the Brighton of India.


Besides the photographs, I simply love the concepts and thoughts which comes to Cee for the photography challenges, this clearly goes out to prove how creative Cee is.

Enjoy and have a good day ahead.


Stay ahead and stay blessed, keep smiling it fits you good 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hands

This is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with the theme of hands. I decided o play along with a few of my pics and hope you all will like it.

Hand holding – generations comes together as grand ma and grand son hold their hand
Sleeping Child – the world so wild but you built your own paradise.
Mehndi – my daughter’s hands, girls in this region will put it on on auspicious occasions, ceremonies and festivals.

Have a great day and stay blessed 🙂


We have an open group of photo enthusiasts, primarily consisting of those who like to spend their leisure time pursuing their hobby. There are certainly those who are very experienced in this field and have spent good time in professional photography, they are the ones who are the owners or the mentors of the group. Then there are others who are more passionate and have photography as one of their hobby. The group is called the NCRPL.

This group is open and non-profit, with no fees charged and anyone can join who is a shutter bug. The primary aim is to share the knowledge around photography and to get together at events and learn from each other. We regularly organise photo walks on various topics related to photography or get together at some place to capture some shots, mostly on Sunday’s and when it is on some special aspect someone leads the talks related to the specs like lenses, aperture, ISO, location, etc… Alas! I was unable to attend today’s event 😦  – It was on taking and creating panorama.

Above all it gives an opportunity for like minded people to get together for a common passion of photography and brush aside the regular hustle of life.

Photography as a passion is quickly catching up in India with more and more young people getting hooked to it and moreover it is a bigger delight to see that a lot of women are part of it now as it is really challenging in India and this change is something big when it comes to liberation and freedom – kudos to them and all who help them out in this.

Further there is a lot of change in perception towards photography, now people are arranging and paying out for pre-wedding shoots, new born shoots etc. and I believe it is a must to preserve quality moments. Imagine when you enjoy the pro shots some 20 years later, what a feeling it would be. In fact the day I was attending this event which I will mention below a pre-maternity shot was in progress.

A lot of talking, now coming back to the post, last week 12th June we had a photo walk on kids portrait photography at Lodhi Garden in New Delhi the early hours, it is vast spread garden with greenery and some old monument and is flocked by morning walkers and yoga persons. It was a great experience to click the kids and capture their cuteness and love. My daughter also participated in the event as one to volunteer as a kid model.

Here goes the photographs from the event, I hope you all will love it.

Enthusiasts trying to get the best capture:


Keeping the kids busy and playfulIMG_3640

They don’t want to leave a chance


The pro at work


Pearl 014

Smiling beauty

Pearl 019

Pearl 023
Making love immortal, lover’s have engraved their names in the trees, can’t comment whether the love remains or not but the trees and monument do bear the brunt.
Pearl 031
My daughter Pearl posing for the attendees, she was very supportive for the entire session
Pearl 041
Shooting at the monument around the garden, these place add another level to the pics when shot from certain angle
Pearl 043
I took this while he was enjoying


Pearl 050

My darling daughter – Pearl

Pearl 060
Sweet and lethal
M-Pearl 241
Pearl poses for the shoot
Pearl 235
Which one do you like – Black N White above or this one?
Pearl 211
At times you need to go the distance for the perfect shot
Pearl 249
While capturing the little squirrels I got some time for this one too.

Hope you all enjoyed the post and the snaps, would love to hear from you which one is your pick.






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