Waiting for Sunrise!!!!

I always get up early in the morning and hit the asphalt, so its like I am waiting for the sunrise to happen and experience it daily.

I put on my trainers and leave for the track followed by aerobics and some good gym time.

I love to get up early and its in my DNA since I was a child.

Sweating it out and then heading towards work gives a gush of happiness poured in with new thoughts, new beliefs, new challenges to face in the day and above all a high spirit.

Birds head for their home at dusk and start chirping at dawn; I believe that following the same lines of nature one can be truly taking care of self and have a healthy routine in life. Nothing can be better than this feeling.

Although I like to sleep early too which probably is not possible very often….

The building silhouettes at dusk
The building silhouettes at dusk

But like the dawn also love the dusk as it gives a feeling that we made a remarkable day and there will be another recharge session of sleep. So always looking forward to both dusk and dawn.

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Wish that it aint late until I reach my destiny,

It is not yet too far for sure.

These  thought inspire me to fly,

From dusk to dawn in the sky….