E for Eagles

Eagles are a US based hard rock brand best known for their number one hit Hotel California, it won the Grammy Awards for the band. Success is also very strange as in this case. The Hotel California is the most played song across the world and even now the band itself would have been tired of playing it on request. It is difficult when a particular performance, act or song becomes a niche and is viral so as to make the artists say at times, today I will play something else.

They are a great band and have given us such wonderful songs, thanks to them for their soulful compositions. Dedicating this post to Glenn Lewis Frey who left us this year in January and created a void amongst us.


My Connect

I saw an advertisement featuring the song Hotel California where it said you can check in any time but you can never leave; I don’t exactly recall  the advertisement but it definitely led me to them.

My Pick

My pick for the band is Take it Easy, very soothing sound and it upfront gives you mood uplift:

(All April I will be posting about my favourite music artist, songs or bands and my memories around them and this will help us connect and discover new artists and music genres.)