May the Lord give us enough strength and provide the soil to help us grow and grow by well means and towards a better cause.


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Have a good day and stay blessed 🙂

Earth Day – Paint the Earth Green

Lets us spread the word and awareness to do our bit to protect the only living place on Milky Way and even beyond our galaxy, at least that’s what I know.

It is the only planet which provides us with all resources to survive, let us value and educate specially our children and do our bit to save a bit for them. Everything will be trash if we deplete the natural resources – so reserve, conserve and spend wisely and value what you have been blessed with.


(Pic Courtesy: Concept suggested by my daughter during our tour a few days back, she spotted this small sapling and asked me to click while she shot with her point and shoot)

Hope we have abundant greenery, lushing and gushing rivers, green valleys with flowers and snow clad mountains.

Happy Earth Day to all.

Have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday and spread love 🙂

Hari Om, Jai Shree Krishna.


Lots and lots of Green all around, wish the world leaves more of natural resources for the next gen and various generations yet to come.

Wish there is abundance of Water, Greenery, Food and Peace to feed all the living species on Earth, hope people work for this rather than other important issues coming up globally.

Macro – water droplets in grass blades.
Paddy fields – What about Paddy Cool!
Leaves – Hanging along with friends after a drizzle.
Wet Wet Wet
Leaf Macro
Leaf Macro
Pearl 249
Taking a nap – nature’s own bed.

Hope you enjoyed my pics on Go Green and it would be lovely to see your pics too on this topic.

Have a wonderful Monday and week ahead and stay blessed.

Load’s of love and a BIG KISS 🙂