Today I woke up to heavy rains – it is pouring heavily since morning. What an awesome weather it is, I would say picture perfect or as shown in the movies, this is what we long for. It is the time to go out, rejoice and make the best use of this weather which mother nature provided. Alas I need to go office as it is not a weekend.

It is always an excitement as well as adventure to drive in to office when it rains.

Enjoy some snaps which I thought of sharing with you all as it started to pour.




I wish all those who decided to stay back have a good time and make the best of this weather.

Have a nice day ahead and stay blessed and happy 🙂


A little drizzle early morning came a respite for us from the scorching heat. It gave us reason enough to smile and an assurance that monsoon is around the corners. The weather is pleasant and you can go out to enjoy and spend some good time outdoors in the weekend. I could not resist from taking a quick snap which I am sharing with you all


Waiting for the clouds to burst and wish the heavens pour good enough this time, It is indeed badly needed in almost every part of the country and Delhi has been deprived from some good rain since the last few years.