L for Lady Gaga


She definitely deserves a mention and applause. She is bold, different, good at her music and successful. She is always on the news for some reason and is known for her wild outfits in her video and fashion sense.

Alejandro, Bad Romance and Poker Face are the biggest hits she has on her list.

When Gaga and her friends met in their initial days they were working on for a name. They used to sing Radio Gaga whenever she used to come and one fine day she received a text which read Lady Gaga, it was from there she adopted the name and it lead her to success.

My Connect

There is a strange story as to how I heard Lady Gaga.

It was summer, it was in England, it was Berkshire county and I was in Reading – guess what – The Reading Music festival was on. The place where I lived was near the site at Oracle Square and I can hear the distant music and the area which brightened up the sky.

The place got full with the youth and the place went mad and viral, they played songs whole night and Alejandro, Bad Romance  and Poker Face was a hit those days, it was the first time that I hear Lady Gaga.

Thereafter I saw the video from youtube and also heard the songs in Thames Valley Radio show,  Heart Breakfast with Matt and Mitchell, by far it is the best morning breakfast show I have heard. Loved to hear Matt and Michell.

On my return to India, I used the name and video very well. My daughter was got scared of Lady Gaga and I used to tell her to sleep before Lady Gaga arrives 🙂

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