There are only 3 walls which are famous, Berlin wall, Wall of China and The Wall by Pink Floyd.

PAnother Brick in the Wall was the song which hit number 1 instantly. It still continues to reign it’s position and I can listen to it any time, any place and any duration, love it at times when I am driving, it arouses something within.

Another Brick in the Wall all versions (Reminiscing, Education & Drugs) were written by Roger Waters

The wall was an imagination of the wall which was created in the singer’s mind and another brik in the wall would mean that the cause, effect, situation or person just added to the wall and thereby increasing the isolation of the person from society, or relationship etc.

David Gilmour and Roger Waters love you and respect for your music.

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I still remember when I bought the album The Wall in a fluke, was so impressed with the cover, title and the band’s name. I was at high school during that time probably.

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Listen to any wall version:


(All April I will be posting about my favourite music artist(as part of the A to Z Challenge), songs or bands and my memories around them and this will help us connect and discover new artists and music genres.)