As the sun goes higher and higher in the sky it spreads the rings of happiness, can you see the rings spreading out, in full screen you will get a better view


I love it, to watch and capture this moment, wish you a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend ahead.

Stay blessed 🙂


It is always a treat to watch sunset and sunrise


It also a natural alarm which is so strictly observed by animals that they rise with sunrise and go away at dusk except the nocturnal ones.

If we tend to follow this at least to some extent it will help us in many ways – health, time management, happiness and better planning of the day.

Keep posting and stay connected, have a great day ahead 🙂

Guess who?

Guess who is hiding behind?

Is it a devil’s eye? or batman hiding behind or indeed a lovely sunrise


Have a great day ahead 🙂



The most important aspect in photography is not the tools – camera, lens or tripod, for me it is the vision.

Beautiful and scenic landscapes, mountains-capes will always be good to capture and watch, however a real photographer is the one who creates magic out of the simple elements around him and presents it to the world in an amazing way.

This was taken in the morning as I imagined the Sun between the leaves would make a good combination, this made the entire picture beautiful and special than it would have been.


Leaving it for you to decide and share your thoughts on it.


At times you need a moment, a vision, a perception to capture. It is not necessary that only exotic locations mountains and seas and rivers make the best of sunrise or sunset


So the next time have a look around your surroundings to add the Xtra in ordinary to make it Xtra-ordinary.

Have a lovely Sunday 🙂


The sun gets eclipsed behind the mango and in turn the sun makes the mango ripe and sweet. Trying to get an eclipse effect during sunrise


Nature’s beauty 🙂

What is the one thing that drives you to wake up in the morning.

What is the one thing that drives you to wake up in the morning and do whatever it is you do? Is it writing, family, friends, or something else entirely?

Sun rises behind the trees @http://agileopedia.com/
Sun rises behind the trees @http://agileopedia.com/

Obviously the only thing that drives to wake up in the morning is the morning tea, even the thought of it in the night makes me feel that may the morning come soon.

Besides it, there is my 6 year old for whom my wife and me get up to ensure that she reaches school on time. Although it is more a compulsion than motivation.