This is one the pictures taken when a group of family and friends visiting The Taj Mahal were posing for the group picture. They were somewhere from Europe I believe. It is always such a fun to travel in groups – so much of fun and frolic.

The picture is so powerful in itself as it depicts love, warmth and passion, you are simply mesmerised by the view of the Taj. That is why we say in India “Wah Taj!” meaning Wow Taj!

Foreigners dressed and draped in Indian attire(Saree)
Loved the man at the right, he was so happy….

Wish that there is more love and peace in the world.

Wish unity in diversity and cultural diversity and cultural fusion.

Wish for peace to freely travel across the world.

Wish for equality and respect among all – beyond race, religion and dialects.

Wish for freedom to choose what to wear in any part of the world.

I could notice the joy and pride they took in the Indian dress and were so happy. Makes you feel more proud and elated whenever you see such wonderful people around you.

Love you all and stay blessed 🙂 Lots of kisses and a big HUG.

Posted in response to the WPC Wish