Learning from the Kids: Keep the faith

The thoughts I wish to share today starts with an experience I had with my child who inspired me to think about the way we handle everyday relations both at home and at work.

I had just reached home exhausted as usual and was greeted by my 5 year old which works wonders to ease the fatigue of my mind and body. She took me through the events of her life through the day and narrated each incident.

As the night drew it’s dark curtains we sat together for supper and we asked her to go to bed after she had finished as it was getting late and she had to get up early for her school.

Restless and hyper as she is, she got up from bed to get herself some water. She was back with a glass of water at the wink of an eye and dropped it on my leg during the ordeal. Though I got a bit irritated, owing to my mental tiredness, I kept my cool and softly responded that she needs to be careful.

Planting a kiss on her forehead I left the room, pulling the blanket on her. I was leaving for the living room when I was surprised to see her behind me. She grabbed my hand and asked me to follow her which I did still wondering what she might be up to.

She took me to the living room, got her towel and made me sit and began wiping the water from my leg with it. I was touched by her gesture and feelings and kissed and thanked her.

I put her back to bed and told her not to touch anyone’s leg to which she proudly responded “I can do it for Mom and Dad”.

This little incident taught me that with a little bit of patience and composure I could discoverer the love and passion for fixing things up. You just had to close your eyes and believe in the goodness and positiveness of the person you are dealing with.

Do we experience similar situations while at work… Yes we do.

When something goes off-track in the team or when we are involved with a person in reference to a situation who has not been behaving or performing in the desired manner. We often tend to make things worse by making him feel responsible for it.

Quickly managers look upon him as a culprit and dominate over his thoughts and subsequent steps, even if he tries to explain at times people tend to become deaf and guide him to the next steps.

A Leader handles this situation by leading and mentoring the team and keeping faith in place for his team he trusts his expertise. He tries to understand what led to this situation and give space to the person to come up with a solution and then assist him further on it.

Whilst taking this approach we nurture the following:

  • Imbibe confidence in the team member.
  • Earn his trust.
  • Enable thought process for the person; this in turn makes him more independent.
  • And Overall an elated feeling from the team or person and in yourself.
  •  In turn all these leads to happier workplaces.

So while people read and have so many traits regarding leadership and management however when the tide comes people tend to turn a blind eye and become reactive.

Hence, to conclude “Life is full of lessons, even in miniscule activities, we just need to open our eyes and ear and an open mind to grab it.”

One thought on “Learning from the Kids: Keep the faith

  1. There is learning in everything that happens in our life. Its on us, as to how we react to these situations.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Take care.

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