Resolutions: Make it or Break It

Resolutions @
Resolutions @

It is the time of the year again when we are about to close and reconcile all that occurred in this year. So it’s again time for a fresh beginning, a time to make new friends, dreams and resolutions.

I would like to focus on resolutions and goal. People might be on a different note when taking the start of the New Year as an ignition point of achieving new heights, chasing dreams, becoming best, take resolutions and might argue that the whole year is the opportunity to do so. Why wait for the year-end to start something new. Folks, do you agree with their logic, I do. No time is good or bad enough to make a new start.

Indeed as I was about to write this post, I read an article by Sarah H which is in contrast to what I am about to write. It talks about to follow your calling and to believe “I want you all to realize every day is a new day and every minute is a new minute.”

So why am I or many others up to the spree that we make New Year resolutions and goals, has it become a doctrine over the years which we follow driven by the sub conscious mind. Personally, I am of the opinion that we should use this opportunity to make realistic changes we want to achieve, driven in a proper way and time boxed. This implies we can use this opportunity to carve initiatives, milestone and plan our road ahead with a road map and importantly attach a time line to it.

To emphasize just follow these basics when laying the foundation stones of resolutions or goals for the coming year:

  1. Rational: Think properly before you arrive at your goal and whether it is balanced and achievable goal.
  2. Benefits: What benefits do you drive by this goal or resolution?
  3. Announce: Announce to your family, friends and close group about your goal.
  4. Time boxing: Create well thought, achievable timelines and smaller benchmarks in your goal so that you can track your progress.
  5. Follow: Create a rule or strong vibe to follow the goal and treat the plan as your bible.
  6. Never Say Die: Have a never say die attitude as hiccups occur only during the first few days, once you overcome the tide there will be smooth sailing all through. Keep the Faith intact. Remember there are dark shadows on Earth but its light are stronger in contrast.
  7. Journal: Create a journal for your next year, I do have one. Digital, Printed or whatsoever it be, mark all your important dates and events in advance on the journal and keep posting on it on a daily basis. This journal is a quick reference and reflection of your life. Keep it in a place where you can view it frequently and have a dip check. The idea is to have a quick reference without spending a lot of time on creating and posting to the journal or planner.

Looking forward to hear from everyone, your views; what else you believe can be added to the list and share your experiences around this.

We are on the last day of the year as I write this post; I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who made me smile, taught me, and supported me and to everyone who is part of the blogging world. Thanks for reading and appreciating the posts, following my blog and for the critical suggestions provided. Enjoy your year ahead and may God fulfill all your wishes.

Wish you all a blasting 2015 …..

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