Lovely RoTs

Adding some photographs from my collection which I took a few days back. These photographs are related to the Rule of Thirds a principle in the art of photography.

I just started to gather more interest in photography and I must attribute it to Cee.

I would like to hear from you all about these photographs and whether they qualify or not. I will read more about it and planning to purchase a DSLR probably a Canon 750D, to start with. I will be happy to recieve recommendation or suggestion for my choice of 750D.

Red Signal captures the mind as it highlights the RoTs. @
Red Signal captures the mind as it highlights the RoTs. while the sun is about to set. @



The eye that have hope, dreams and a lot of vision.

The flyover @Reading clearly seperates the trees and skyline with the roads.
Red Cherries captures your attention

Posted in response to: CCY Theme of Rule of Thirds Introduction.

Hope you enjoyed the post and liked them, will keep posting more.

Loads of love to all, and have a lovely weekend!!!

4 thoughts on “Lovely RoTs

  1. You are starting to get the idea of Rule of Thirds. Wonderful first time attempt. Your first photo is spot on. I’m sorry I don’t know much about Canon cameras, other than they are good. I’m thrilled you decided to play along. It will be fun to see you and your camera grow. 😀

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    1. Cee thanks for your response, it is wonderful that you took some time for my snaps. Surely I will like to catch up with this, special thanks to your initiative that connects so many of us together and create people like me to get addicted and driven.
      Which camera would you recommend?


  2. Indeed, Subhash, they all work as a principle of Rule of Thirds. The first one, though, has 2 conflicting focal points, the sunset and the traffic lights. If you take out one or the other, it works better. I really love the portrait.

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