Eat to Live or Live to Eat

Do you eat to live or love to eat? Will you travel to enlighten your taste buds.

We (calling out all who are reading this) are all fortunate in this world to have food at our disposal.  I am thankful that I get to eat in all quarters.

Being from India which offers a diverse eating option in every mile you travel it is sad that I am not a foodie, well I admit I take what is offered and don’t go for a food hunt spree.

Delicious Parantha with a lot of home made cream


Traditional food served in plates made out of leaves and a canopy arrangement for dining out.



Travel the distance

However I will definitely not travel for food, may be I am not that passionate.

holy Water at the Nikko Shrine
Holy Water from natural spring in Japan

I say very often that there is nothing like water after having some and a few have started to like it. Nothing quenches our thirst and longing when you are badly in need of some water.

Let us thank all the people involved in doing the most serious business around the world – “Cultivating Food” and helping millions of us alive. Seriously I am thankful and respectful to every farmer, dairy worker or anyone who is connected in bridging the gap from the farm to the our arm. We owe a big thank you to everyone out there.

Enjoy and lots of love, kisses and blessings

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