Enjoy the lovely combination of flower, leaves and water as they welcome your day with love and passion.




Hope you liked the warmth…

Any guess about the flower?

Lots of love and a BIG KISS 🙂


Holi was celebrated across the country with great fervor and enthusiasm, it has a special place across all people and is above the religions and classes. People from almost every religion and sect celebrate and look forward to this festival of colors.

Here I dare to share with you all a few moments with you so that you can also have a feel as to what’s happening in this part of the world, hope you will like it.

The beginning is marked with the lighting of HOLIKA a bonfire which is supposed to spread a good light and remove the evil  in the dark. People also offer prayers by walking around it and offering colours and sweets.

The Holi Bonfire, a boy gets silhouetted as I try to capture it.
Gujia and Colors for offering as the bonfire is seen in the back drop

The next day marks the celebration of colours wherein people put colours on each other and also hug each other as a tradition.



Even the elderly Enjoy
Even the elderly are young at heart.
Hand grenades aka water balloons filled with colors
Snacking Time
Time to get some snacks – a common buffet is organised during the play.


I wanted to share the colourful day with you all, will come back next year with some really stunning pics for this occasion as could not travel this year and for these snaps I had to capture it from a distance to protect it(my camera) from the people.

Have a great weekend and may you all have a colourful life too 🙂 Stay Blessed Hugs and Kisses….

Wish you all a HAPPY HOLI

Wishing you all a wonderful and HAPPY HOLI.

As the Sun sets the Holi festival will be marked with the Holika Bonfire and the entire nation will be playing colors tomorrow. It is played for a longer duration in some parts of the country like Mathura which is associated with Lord Krishna.

Just a little bit of HUMAN BRUSH – Artist working to complete a picture to mark the festival.
They are so skilled that it all completed in a few minutes
Finally you have the complete picture – HAPPY HOLI

People from all ages will be drenched in color and it is hard to recognise faces. It is difficult task thereafter to remove the colors once you are back home.

In the evening people visit their friends and family and have a get together and enjoy traditional delicacies like Gujia. Special thanks to all people who worked round during this festive time too and enable us to enjoy the festival.

Enjoy the festival of colors and play safe….


Monday morning had a surprise waiting for me, as I came out of my house 2 full bloom red Hibiscus  welcomed me in the garden. It gave me the WOW feeling and just made my morning marvellous.

I shared with you all the monochrome version of the flower on Monday, this week I will post the same flower albeit in different angles and views, let me try at least 🙂

Traditional and Religious importance:

Another significant role the red Hibiscus flower plays in this part of the world is the fact that it is offered in prayers to Goddess Durga (- Read more from Wiki) during the festival time. It has a very special place in our hearts. You can say that this particular colour of the flower has a special priority when offering your prayers.

I hope you will enjoy the flowers as much you have enjoyed in the past…

Keep posting and sharing your views, a BIG KISS and love you all… 🙂








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Hop in let’s get this party started. You are most welcome.

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