Holi was celebrated across the country with great fervor and enthusiasm, it has a special place across all people and is above the religions and classes. People from almost every religion and sect celebrate and look forward to this festival of colors.

Here I dare to share with you all a few moments with you so that you can also have a feel as to what’s happening in this part of the world, hope you will like it.

The beginning is marked with the lighting of HOLIKA a bonfire which is supposed to spread a good light and remove the evil  in the dark. People also offer prayers by walking around it and offering colours and sweets.

The Holi Bonfire, a boy gets silhouetted as I try to capture it.
Gujia and Colors for offering as the bonfire is seen in the back drop

The next day marks the celebration of colours wherein people put colours on each other and also hug each other as a tradition.



Even the elderly Enjoy
Even the elderly are young at heart.
Hand grenades aka water balloons filled with colors
Snacking Time
Time to get some snacks – a common buffet is organised during the play.


I wanted to share the colourful day with you all, will come back next year with some really stunning pics for this occasion as could not travel this year and for these snaps I had to capture it from a distance to protect it(my camera) from the people.

Have a great weekend and may you all have a colourful life too 🙂 Stay Blessed Hugs and Kisses….

6 thoughts on “COLORFUL HOLI

    1. As my wife was stepping out of the house for the ceremony I perceived the view in my mind and ran for the camera, thanks for your appreciation and glad that you liked it. Further I also wanted to share so that people can be aware of different cultures.


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