B is for Bee Gees and B is also for the baritone voice which differentiated them from the masses.



Bee Gees is a band compose by brother Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. They shot in fame with the Staying Alive from the Saturday Night Fever which also featured John Travolta and established and presented disco to the international arena and suddenly Bee Gees and John Travolta became talk of the town topping all charts. As on date Barry is the only survivor of the band; it is sad for him that his younger brother has left him. I believe they are never going to die and will always remain immortal in our mind, heart and soul with their music.

My Connect

I was not even born when all this happened, so how do I relate to the story, obviously I read it and feel the aura and the times it would have been. The better question is how did I start to follow them?

Intel was and is always creative and one fine evening in the 90’s I saw the intel ad featuring a scientist, server room and everyone were dancing in the tune of Stayin Alive. So I was curious and I wanted to know about this song and artist. Only I know how difficult it was at that time for me with no internet and a society in which people mostly followed Bollywood. I thank my Dad and a music house that had a big collection of Audio cassette and CD/DVD, he helped me out and bought me the cassette. The English one was costly to afford so I always thank my Dad as he never cut my hands for the bucks.

My pick:

You must have heard the popular tracks so sharing one of my personal favorite from Bee Gees which is Alone from the album Still Waters:

I so love Robin’s voice in all the songs….

Keep pouring in your thoughts and have a great weekend.

Lots of kisses and hugs 🙂


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