C is for Celine Dion, Sir Cliff Richard and Crowded House.

C is for Celine Dion, Sir Cliff Richard and Crowded House.


Celine Dion

Celine Dion is one of the finest female singers we have. Recently she had her birthday (30th Mar) and here wishing her a good life and keeping us blessed with lot more quality music. Recently she had a tough time losing her husband followed by her brother 2 days later. I am sure she will come out of it stronger and bless the world with more of her music.

Sir Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard is amongst the top 3 singers of UK. He has sung in the genre pop, soft music and started with rock. The soft songs which are a must listen include Theme for a dream, Why we don’t talk any more, don’t talk to him and Fall in Love to name a few.

Trivia: It is not known to many but Sir Cliff Richard was born in India, he was born in Lucknow, India where his parents worked as a contractor for the railways.

Crowded House

CH is an Australian band dealing in the genre Rock, pop and ALT Rock. I wish we still had people who can create the same magic with music again.

My Connect

Celine Dion:

As with others my connect was through titanic, which I am sure was a worldwide no 1, My heart will go on.

Sir Cliff Richard:

I just happened to listen Carrie one of his songs and it propelled me to carry on. Thereafter with time I gathered I liking for the singer.

Crowded House:

I borrowed a CD compilation of hard rock from my friend and it had the albums from Crowded House. I immediately fell in love with the songs and they refreshed me whenever I would listen them.

My Pick

Celine Dion:

Although Titanic track is the unbeaten one, however my personal favourite is Immortality with Bee Gees, she sings her heart out in it and owing to the current situation it seems as she is singing it for her husband and he is listening. Sharing a live version please check it out:

Sir Cliff Richard

My favorite I Carrie, this is because it is way too different than most of his songs which are soft and in contemporary Christian music. Enjoy it here:

Crowded House:

This song is a must listen and I use it for my wife and daughter, you need to listen it to believe it, it says “Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you”

I hope you will enjoy the songs, do take out some time to listen it.

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