Hello, I’m Johnny Cash – A TO Z CHALLENGE

 “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”

This had been the first line Johnny Cash would say to start all his concerts despite all the name and fame. Johnny Cash needs no introduction and was best known for his country side and gospel songs besides rock n roll. He is one of the most successful and admired music artists of his era and still he continues to be. Johnny Cash had his own style of singing and had a very different voice. I personally admire him a lot as his life was full of ups and downs.


His pairing with June Carter, his wife saw some of the best songs to be produced in history, like Ring of Fire. They had a great chemistry on and off the stage.

Walk the line is probably one of the finest songs of Johnny Cash.

My Connect

I never had heard about Johnny Cash until I was in England. When I was back in my home, I used to watch the free to air channels, probably Channel4 and one fine day it was airing Walk the Line, a movie which was a namesake for one of his songs. I was fortunate to watch the lengthy movie from start to end. It was a biopic on the life of Johnny Cash.

The movie though a little long was very well directed as it unfolds Johnny Cash’s story from his younger days till the end, covering the minutest events of his life. It also had included many songs from Johnny Cash, so if you want to witness history of this legend then it is a must watch. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon have portrayed the roles of Johnny Cash and June Carter and they have done justice to it.

My Pick

It is difficult to choose the songs from country music, my pick would be Walk the Line – When you are mine I walk the Line:


This a bonus one- FOR J

J FOR  Janie , Don’t You Take Your Love To Town.

Yes it’s for Jon Bon Jovi, JBJ is one my favourite rock bands which I started to follow early in the list, in the 90’s loved to listen their songs.

I particularly play this song for my wife as she is also named Julian, Janie, so whenever she is off to her Mommas I play it loud (though sometimes I am happy inside 🙂 freedom you see).

Then there is In these arms, Someday I will be Saturday night,

My Connect

Cross Roads was the album, the best of JBJ, this was had been my starting point, the last one I knew was Destination Anywhere album. It had a great track, Tell Me It Was Just a Dream, August 7, 4:15 dedicated to the mysterious disappearance of Katherine Korzilius, daughter of JBJ tour manager.

My Pick

The pick of the band from my side is, Runaway, it is said that daughters grow faster, and as I see my daughter growing up at great pace and acquiring wisdom I would tell her Mom

Ooh, she’s a little runaway, Daddy’s girl learned fast
All those things he couldn’t say.
Ooh, she’s a little runaway.




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