K is for Kindnesses #AtoZChallenge Historical Treasure @AprilA2Z

So impressed with the concept of sharing and spreading kindness, need of the hour. Random Acts of Kindness. Thanks for writing this wonderful article Kristin

Kristin King Author

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Kindness can be radical.

Kindness can be powerful.

Kindnesses can change the world.

There was a movement several years ago called Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). People were talking about how to take action, how to go through the day looking to seize moments to be kind. Perhaps it was the movie/book Pay It Forward that kicked things off. I really don’t know.

One easy kindness many tried was to pay for the next person in line. On the morning commute when there was a toll booth, they paid for themselves and the car behind them. At a drive-through window, some Kindness perpetrators paid for the meal for the vehicle behind them.

The Christian radio station I listened to in Maryland encouraged listeners to engage the world this way and tell what happened. They also asked if someone benefited from an RAK to call in to testify about how that…

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