Spent some time in the park, it was calm, morning walkers, joggers and yoga enthusiasts were busy with their work. In another deserted area around a big tree the squirrels were busy on their own and I found it very captivating and took a few clicks.

Enjoy the good morning note from the lovely chipmunks or the IPS (Indian Palm Squirrel)

Pearl 249

This demonstrates the coming of lazy Fridays and weekend!

Pearl 299

Pearl 320
There’s a stranger – I smell danger
Pearl 321
Curious and careful.
Pearl 323
With a lot of anxiety and precaution they make their move.

Pearl 326

Let me chill now.

Hope you enjoyed these little ones as much as I enjoyed spending time with them and capturing them.

Have a good day and stay blessed and enjoy the weekend 🙂

A BIG kiss and love you all 🙂


    1. Thanks for your thoughts, had to be quite as well as patient as these creatures are very alert and would run away. My daughter was with me too so she also helped me out. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words of appreciation. Have a good day ahead 🙂


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