Good morning and wish you all have a fabulous week ahead.

Start of this week with a spark of love – full of warmth and romance, this entire week I will keep posting on roses. I am sure you will like it and it will put a smile on your face.


This is also in response to  Mundane Monday Challenge  the simple rose has a lot of beauty to offer.

Have a great day ahead and stay blessed 🙂 

10 thoughts on “FLOWER OF THE DAY – RED ROSE- JULY 4, 2016

  1. How can a rose be a mundane thing or simple?😆 Ha ha kidding. Wish to see the full picture of that moistened rose.


    1. At first I used mundane and thereafter changed to simple, I was expecting someone to point on this, glad I found one. It is owing to the fact of it’s availability and simplicity and in contrast it is everlasting, evergreen and beautiful. I will keep another version posted for this, hope you will like it 🙂 Where’s your entry, you are very creative, I saw your last post on this, wish to see your updates….

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      1. Ohh! you were expecting so. ha ha. waiting for that another version.
        Regarding my entry, I was not in a mood of posting anything new, actually. am going through a bad time. will post soon after watching some beutiful flowers. 🙂

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    1. Thanks and glad that you like the flowers, I wish these were, I keep on travelling with my camera in parks, gardens(have many around my house) and capture the same 🙂

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