Wish you all a lovely and a wonderful good morning. The flower of the day goes out for Lord Ganesha – Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and all Teacher’s out there – Happy Teacher’s Day.


Wish Lord Ganesha shower his blessings to you all and spread happiness and prosperity in your life.

This day is special for us as it marks the beginning of Lord Ganesha Puja celebrations. People across the world bring Ganesha idols and establish a place for him in the house and worship for the next few days. Legend says that one needs to avoid the sighting of moon during this day as it leads to Mithya Dosham which means a false accusation on stealing something.

The puja celebration ends by immersion of these idols in ponds, or water bodies. It is celebrated with most enthusiasm in the Maharasthra state, Mumbai and many Bollywood actors from all sects, class and religions join hands to enjoy the festivity.

Teacher’s Day in India

It is also the time to thank all the teachers who work hard day and night passionately to turn the best out of us and help develop our society by imbibing moral values.

THANKS teachers for all you have taught that was not mentioned in the books.

5th Septemmber also marks the occasion of Teacher’s Day in India, it is the birthday of the second president of India, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was also happens to be a teacher. Google also came up with a creative doodle to inspire one and all for reinstating the importance the day has for us.

It is very respected day for all the teaching community and students make the day special for their teachers. It is a payback time for the teachers for all their hard work and dedication for making the society a better place. They plan for special celebrations in school and college and the school management also plan for special events for them.

I always have values for this day as my parents were teacher’s and I had also taught from some odd 14 years after my high school.

Have a wonderful day ahead and a BIG KISS & HUG 🙂

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