Thank you for this beautiful world


A few days back my 6 year old insisted to join me for the morning prayers. She would get up take a bath and join me for the morning prayers.

Thank you Oh Lord for all that you have given to us.









Whilst I did my usual daily prayers and thanked Lord for whatever he has given me. She would repeat word by word after me and to end with she added

“Thank you God for giving us the beautiful world.”

She repeated it again and this time she added, “Hey Daddy ! Why don’t you repeat the last line after me.”

Her prayers were real and full of truth and innocence, she was not asking anything but thankful for what God has given us.

That day my daughter taught me very important aspects of life:

  1. We forget the real joy of life and the abundant things we are blessed with, after all we are the only planet where life exists in the milky way and
  2. Children’s teach us a lot and act as an eye opener to us. We just need to spend more quality time with them.

Let’s start to stop worrying about petty stuff and be thankful to the Almighty for all that you have been blessed with.

Right Here Right Now…

Right here right now is the perfect time to do everything.

Get up get going rock the world because it’s the time to do right now or never.

Right Here Right Now -
Right Here Right Now – Do it now or never

Enjoy the fragrance of life

Enjoy the fragrance of life…

Right now Milk a Cow

Right now Milk a Cow –

Enjoy a dance party or host one.

Enjoy a dance party -
Enjoy a dance party –

Take your favourite ride.

Take your favourite ride -
Take your favourite ride –

Right now play an adventure sport.

Right now play  an adventure sport -
Right now play an adventure sport –

Enjoy a puppet show right now

Enjoy a puppet show right now –

Right here play your favourite music instrument

Right here you need to play your favourite music instrument -
Right here play your favourite music instrument –

Enjoy the Masala Food and add spice to your life.

Enjoy the Masala Food and add spice to your life. -
Enjoy the Masala Food and add spice to your life. –

Dance in the rain…

Dance in the rain –

Listen live to your favourite band right now

Listen to your favourite band live right now -
Listen to your favourite band live right now –

Enjoy your favourite drink right now.


Enjoy your favourite drink right now.


Get your hands dirty on cooking right now –

Get your hands dirty on cooking right now -
Get your hands dirty on cooking right now –


Take the perfect selfie or velfie right here right now, until you succeed.

Take the perfect selfie or velfie right here right now, until you succeed. –


Listen to this song right now – trust me

Trust me – so that you can experience the best video on survival of the fittest right now.

Do it now or regret forever….

Adieu 2015

The sun is set for the last day of the year and we await a new dawn of 2016.

I am sure you all must have had a terrific year and fulfilled your dreams and ambitions.


Sunset at India Gate
Sunset at India Gate

It was a pretty good year for me too and I gained a lot in this year, learned about photography, blogging, started following some new Indian classical music. There were a few lows which were not so significant.

Let us all forget the lows and misses of 2015 and spread our wings freely like the birds and explore the horizon on 2016. Let truth, peace and prosperity prevail on Earth for one and all.

Dahlia Flower, Let peace prevail, Welcome 2016. -
Dahlia Flower, Let peace prevail, Welcome 2016. –

May this year shower loads of blessings, prosperity and peace. Hope all your wishes and dreams come true and you excel in 2016.

Wish you all a wonderful new year and have a safe eve.

With this message and the flower reflecting the peace within I happily close on my last post of the year.

Catch you all tomorrow.

Does Life give a second chance?


We as humans do make mistakes, or take a bad decision and if I leave apart the intensity and rank them equally, do people stand a chance to bounce back or there are no second chances?

Does life give us a second chance @
Does life give us a second chance @

May be there are occasions when you:

  • Mess up at a presentation.
  • Loose a deal
  • Break a heart
  • Are rude towards others
  • Cant take back your words

I am certain that if you recollect yourself and give your best you definitely stand a chance to get back on track. It is up to us whether we want to ponder and curse about the situation or rise up again and give our best to minimize the damage and break even. During such situation it is always important to have a good friend, relative or someone in your professional circle with whom you can always discuss and seek advice from be it a personal or a professional matter.

Although we must try not to mess with the first chance provided as you will not be fortunate every time and some misses are irrecoverable and it can only be minimized. So it is all about making the best after the worst has happened.

Just don’t loose hope, realise your fault and at times the guilt. Build your confidence to bounce back on life. Always stay positive and prove the world your worth. Don’t stop believing in yourself.

Love to hear from you all about your take on the subject.





Pour Some Sugar on Me

What is your favorite sweet thing to eat? Bread pudding? Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies? A smooth and creamy piece of cheesecake? 

I am taken down the memory lane with Pour Some Sugar on Me.

This relates to the Def Lepard hit single Pour Some Sugar on me from their album Hysteria. What a craze it was with this album, the title track Hysteria was also a huge success, at the same time the rock and ballad king Richard Marx also came out with the hit Hold on to the nights. Try these tracks with some sweets am sure you would like them, just give time to dissolve like sugar.

Coming back to the sugary post, I would go with cakes, pastries, Indian sweets ( they offer a huge variety) and home made cookies and cakes.

Enjoy some of the sugary snaps from my collection and have a sweet time:

Mini Black Forest Pastries @
Mini Black Forest Pastries @


Mouth Watering. Sugary till the end.


This is the best, home made chocolate walnut cake

With Christmas around we would love to bake these at home.


Flower of the day


May your day be filled with the fragrance of flowers

May you bloom like a flower whilst allowing others to make the most of life around you.

May you be the reason to spread smile and happiness around like the flowers.

Be the reason to attract others, have a floral day


The insect has a wonderful time @
The insect has a wonderful abode @

The 3 Musketeers…

Strange Trio @
Strange Trio @

This is one of the few photographs which keeps me thinking how to caption it and what to caption it, a strange Trio.


Kids with their GrandPas @
The 3 Musketeers – Kids with their GrandPas @

I call this The 6 Musketeers – as the child and their grandparents both fall in this category.

This one is indeed a story of time in itself, The centre one is my Dad with his grand daughter and the other gentlemen are his best friends. The 3 guys are childhood friends and their sons are too. Here you see the joy that they are having a future generation in their hands, it gives immense pleasure to live this.

Have a lovely weekend ahead and stay blessed.

Once More…

If you were able to relive one day from the last 12 months, which day would it be — and why?

Seriously for me this would be the time when I celebrate my daughters birthday.

Pearl on her birthday @
Pearl on her birthday @

It is always a lovely and wonderful feeling to see the shine in the face of your child, to watch the joy in their eyes and the happiness in their smile at their birthday. This is the biggest wealth.

They eagerly  wait for this day and in my case she starts counting 2 months prior and prepares the list of ToDos and guests.

Give me another chance so that I can Relive the day once again.

Dear power angel do bless us and give back an extra day to celebrate.


If you had the chance to be reborn, would you choose to return as your present self, or would opt for a fresh start? Tell us about what motivates your choice.

Rebirth, A Fresh Start or the same myself @
Rebirth, A Fresh Start or the same myself @

As I start with this let me say I may or may not preserve my memory and it is also possible that I start regaining my memory as I progress in my rebirth.

Thereafter the sequence of event may not be same assuming that there has been a lot of advancements since I am born, definitely will miss a few things as a child while enjoy some.

A life is not enough to explore the many opportunities around us, so it cant get better than to have a second chance to relive the moments with our near and dear ones.

So when I am reborn I will certainly like to be the same as my present self and would also like the privilege to have the same parents and family. I am privileged to have them in my life especially my parents and my wife and daughter. I would not like to risk at all, one might not know what he ends up with. So for sure I will try to live the same life again and modify a few recourse of my life which I think could have been much better and relive the moments with everyone.

This opens the whole world of possibilities starting from my childhood, teens, marriage, birth of child and much more. With the power of having retained my old memories I will certainly be fun and excitement to rewrite history again in another form.

With so much love and affection all around who needs anything else no matter how many times you are reborn, wish everyone has a life so that he must like to live it again and again.

Let there be some breeze and a drizzle of rain,

Let there be another life which I can relive once again.

Thanks team WordPress for selecting my prompt suggestion.