If you had the chance to be reborn, would you choose to return as your present self, or would opt for a fresh start? Tell us about what motivates your choice.

Rebirth, A Fresh Start or the same myself @
Rebirth, A Fresh Start or the same myself @

As I start with this let me say I may or may not preserve my memory and it is also possible that I start regaining my memory as I progress in my rebirth.

Thereafter the sequence of event may not be same assuming that there has been a lot of advancements since I am born, definitely will miss a few things as a child while enjoy some.

A life is not enough to explore the many opportunities around us, so it cant get better than to have a second chance to relive the moments with our near and dear ones.

So when I am reborn I will certainly like to be the same as my present self and would also like the privilege to have the same parents and family. I am privileged to have them in my life especially my parents and my wife and daughter. I would not like to risk at all, one might not know what he ends up with. So for sure I will try to live the same life again and modify a few recourse of my life which I think could have been much better and relive the moments with everyone.

This opens the whole world of possibilities starting from my childhood, teens, marriage, birth of child and much more. With the power of having retained my old memories I will certainly be fun and excitement to rewrite history again in another form.

With so much love and affection all around who needs anything else no matter how many times you are reborn, wish everyone has a life so that he must like to live it again and again.

Let there be some breeze and a drizzle of rain,

Let there be another life which I can relive once again.

Thanks team WordPress for selecting my prompt suggestion.

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