Welcome everyone to 2019 while we bid adieu to 2018 with fond memories.


शंखनाद – शंख की ध्वनि के साथ नव वर्ष का करे स्वागत। आशा है ये साल आप के जीवन मै खुशियों की बरसात ले कर आये। 

Let us welcome 2019 by blowing the conch of happiness and love and spreading divnity and peace in the world.

Thanks to all the followers and friends, stay blessed and keep sharing.

Om! Peace, Peace, Peace.


With the new year all set – guess what is back?

Yes you are correct – Resolutions are back – are they more stronger now!


With every passing year and with the commencement of the new one we make so many resolution but hardly a handful of people manage to live up to their reputations.

This post is not about motivating you how to live it up or what resolutions you need to make or break – but it is highlighting the most sought of resolutions(world wide) which get broken easily. I have not done any statistics or google – and this is my personal feeling(or experience) and even if a survey is created I am pretty sure that these are ought to be on top of the list.

Here are the most common resolutions which get broken very fast:

1-Quit Smoking

By far this is the most disrespected resolution as it is taken only to be broken within a week, actual quitters are now waiting for a new year resolution to quit smoking though I know many who have already kept their word.

2-Quit Alcohol/Beer/Booze

This is mostly taken during the new year eve – Ah I have had enough of it now and it’s high time to quit. Alas! this is short lived too – and do you know how long does it last for most people – less than 12 hrs. Wondering why?

As you get up late after a heavy overdose of ethanol its already 11:30 AM or past and by the time you get over from your hangover the sun has gone down again which tempts the person – damn it lets do it again 🙂

3-Exercise Regularly

From tomorrow I will go for a morning walk, jogging, running in the morning, join the gym, Yoga or Zumba whatever be your favourite one.

Experience has it that in the 1st week of January it is better to be cautious for regular morning walkers and joggers as they might encounter heavy surge of the revolutionaries and there might be a stampede.

However it does not last long too – some have their late nights, some love to sleep, some hate to get up early in the morning and some have never started as they ended up late in the new year eve party. Until the bell rings and the doc says start running today so that your medicines dont start running when its too late.

4-Eating Healthy

This is somewhat which people do stick to and it does last long as compared to the other ones – but I might be wrong as this is not as apparent and visible as their abov counterparts.

The rest of the resolutions like reading books or learning to play guitar and other are most of the time met.

If you carry out analysis the real problem underlying in the resolutions being broken is the fact that we cannot stick to our promise or commitments. It is easy to promise, promise to your Mom, dad, wife or son, easy to take marital vows in front of sacred dise with thousand people around – then why we have marital discord, easy to recite a holy mantra for peace – but in the long run we forget then to be in place and to win this race we need to practise the art of commitment, truth, discipline and contemplate the fact that we have given our words to someone and realise – what is the value of my words if I am unable to live up to it without any legal obligation. However trust me it is easier said than done which is the reason many fail – It is always the simplest of the task in which people fail.

So I wish you all have more strength to start this year with a positive heart and soul and live up to all your resolutions and dreams.

Do share in case you have heard about some weird experiences with resolutions and I have myself kept many and broken some. Also let me know if you have something to add in this list which is easily broken every-time.

I have written this article in a light mode and do not intend or wish to harm the intentions of passionate people who are an inspiration for many and prove that one can do what he believes in.

Have a good day and Jai Shri Krishan 🙂


It’s already Tuesday and it’s time to take off, just get set and fly, challenge the sky and don’t limit your thoughts.

Taking off for a flight

It’s your life, you need to decide how you want to take it high.

Have a great day ahead 🙂

If life gives you oranges

Lovely Orange

If life gives you lemons, oh pity lemons. I pity lemon for being the subject of continuous assault by the corporate world which made lemons so infamous indeed 🙂 and making it indeed a  fruit portraying low esteem and low value despite its nutritional and medicinal values.

Said that basically the phrase “When life gives you lemon make lemonade out of it” implies that you were expecting something other than lemon, may be apples. Also the sour taste of lemon makes it a victim.

If, ifs and Ands were pots and pans there would have been no need for tinkers hand.

If there is Life, there is a struggle and if we get oranges and lemons then only we realize the value of sweeter side of our life. Nothing is more fulfilling than the sense of achievement doesn’t matter whether you squeeze the lemons or oranges or sell them.

So life will keep on giving oranges and lemons we need to

1-Add more oranges and give it back to the person.

2-Sell them considering they are diamonds.

3-Make it someone else’s oranges, or look for associating more people with some common area of concern. So now basically it will be a global problem and they everyone needs to look for a solution.

4-Look for ways to bartering it.

So essentially there is no need to worry for lemons and oranges it’s just the way you handle situations and there are no coaching for it, life is the best teacher and it will make you learn what you need to do with your lemons.

Enjoy and lots of love and hugs to all.