World’s Richest Person and the poorest….

Once upon a time, long long back, thousand years ago, there lived a wise king with many of his queens :).

The king was very wise and known for his wisdom and goodwill and had acquired great deal of wealth.


One day at the supper one of the queens inquired, “My Lord! who is the richest person in this world, is he in your kingdom, is it you. Are you richer than the king of other states.”

The King was thrown into a dilemma and with deep thoughts he remained frozen for a moment thinking about it.  Alas it was an era sans Steve Jobs, sans Bill Gates, sans Mark Zuckerberg, sans iphone, sans internet, sans Facebook and twitter where you can set opinion polls or read articles shared by people on the Forbes list of the top 10 richest people. There was no stock exchange where he could get himself registered. He had to be in dilemma, now do you all agree.

Adding to his woes another queen asked, “My Lord, who is the poorest of all”

As the king himself was not in a position to answer this he called his courtyards to rescue. Can you guess who come to hep the King in such a situation.

Soon he came to know about a sage, he was a very scholarly person and lived in isolation.

The sage was presented before the king and was asked the same questions the queens has asked.

The sage with all the calmness on his face smiled and gave the reply which astonished them all and made them realized that they are already aware of the answer.

The sage replied:

The worlds richest person is one who has not much at his disposal but he is ready to part of, donate or help others with all that he has. He cares for the well being of others and the overall growth of the society itself.

The world’s poorest person is one who is having an abundance of fortune yet he is not ready to part of with it, nor help others in need. Such people are self centred.

This is a very simple story yet it gives a very powerful message which we need to imbibe especially in our children. When they grow up they should realise iRelation has more value than an ipad or an iPhone. They should not revolve and be lead by materialistic thoughts.

I narrated this story to my daughter and wanted to share the same with you all.

Have a wonderful and lovely week ahead 🙂

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