It takes a lot of hard work for blooming flowers

Just awe stuck with the beauty of the flowers in their full bloom.


It takes a lot of hard work to see the flowers bloom – sow the seeds, water the plants and take care of them and most important have patience after putting the hard work to see them bloom.


Success in life is also similar to the blooming of flowers, you need to plant the seed of thoughts, do your hard work and have a lot of patience to enjoy the sweet success.


At times the result might not be appealing, however these add to experiences to aid us in future.


Also remember like the flower fades away and wither, success is also short lived and we should not get carried away by success. People forget your achievements very soon, set new targets and work towards them


Have a wonderful day and hope you enjoyed the flost – floral post.

World’s Richest Person and the poorest….

Once upon a time, long long back, thousand years ago, there lived a wise king with many of his queens :).

The king was very wise and known for his wisdom and goodwill and had acquired great deal of wealth.


One day at the supper one of the queens inquired, “My Lord! who is the Continue reading