A Mixed bag of emotions

A photograph freezes a moment and makes it immortal. The feelings and the thoughts are captured forever and it is left upon the viewers to perceive it by their way.


This picture was taken during the “Durga Puja” festival and the beauty of the picture is that every face has a different feeling, emotion and a story to tell.

Stay safe and sound during this crisis situation and hope it will pass soon.

Hari Om, Jai Shree Krishna. Peace, Peace, Peace!

It’s The World Photography Day

This morning my mobile and Google helped, rather inspired me to write this post as it flashed that it was The world Photography Day today.

I would be more regular now and share my clicks and posts and rekindle my passion.

Leaf Line – our LifeLine
Enlarged tendrile
Safest place on Earth – Dads Lap
Festivity – Happiness
Just a little bit of Human Touch
Hats OFF

I hope you will like the pictures and I would love to hear from you.

Love you all and wish you all a wonderful photography day and keep sharing your wonderful pictures too.

Peace! Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


This bunch can be found hanging at the entrance of almost any size or value of establishment – from small to large sized business venture, be it a shopping mall or a juice vendor or an auto rickshaw or a Volvo or Audi to the entrance of home. People hang lemon and chilli to avoid any mishappening, evil eye or omen. It protects ones from these and at the same time brings fortune and prosperity. So these are reused for a purpose altogether different from what it is meant for.


Legend has various reasons behind hanging these:

  1. The cotton thread is pierced through the lemon and chillies. So scientifically the thread would absorb them and vaporise it which is considered good for inhaling.
  2. Tradition has it that it was used to tie on bullock carts when people used to travel. In case of a poisonous bite (like from a snake) it was used to detect whether the bite was poisonous by putting a pinch of both as the tongue wont be able to differentiate between the sour and chilly taste, however this is still very widespread and albeit for not this reason of course and hope no one has to use it for this reason.
  3. There is a lot of magic and charm associated with lemon and chillies across India.
  4. To keep away Goddess Alakshmi as she is sign of poverty and misery(she is the sister of Goddess Lakshmi – synonymous with wealth and prosperity), it is believed that Goddess Alakshmi likes the sour and chilli flavor and since it is hung at the outside she would satisfy herself and return from the gate.

There are many vendors who start early morning with a bucket full of these lemon and chilli strings, they have tie up with shops and vendors whom they supply it on a daily basis.You will also find them selling on the street to the drivers of various commercial transports.

Whatever be the reason hope it satisfies the purpose of protecting people and prospering their business, after all there is faith and belief that is all behind it which is driving these tradition.

Would love to hear what faith or belief is very prevalant around you, love you all and stay blessed. Hari Om 🙂

Aarti – A Ritual Combining Blessings and Faith

Aarti is a ritual where-in The Goddess/God is worshipped using a lamp which is lit using cotton soaked in Ghee(purified butter) or camphor is burnt. Once the ceremony is completed someone would usually carry out the Aarti in a plate, as it is hot enough to carry on hand. Thereafter the Aarti is passed across everyone who is present so that they can the blessings and power from the divine light. Usually one would place his hand above the Aarti and rub it over his head and chest.  People in turn also offer some money in the plate in the name of God, you will find a pic below. A song(also referred to as Aarti of the particular God/Goddess) is also sung in praise of the God/Goddess, however it is not mandatory as at times mantras serve the purpose  too. The word is derived from Sanskrit and has a beautiful meaningsomething that removes darkness.

Mom’s are often seen waving the corner of their dresses or hankies and then tying a know to carry it for their kids, who are busy else where. This is a very divine feeling across Hindus and as we see the Aarti approaching we just jump to get our bit, it’s such a good feeling to carry after all. Enjoy the pics and hope you liked the ritual.

These pictures are from one of the Durga Puja Pandals (place of worship, like temple) which I visited recently. Durga Puja is a festival celebrated for Goddess Durga as she arrives along with her daughters and sons. It is celebrated for more than 5 days with great fervour. Initially to start with I just wanted to share the pics however could not resist myself from jotting down a few lines.

People rush to get their share of Aarti.
An Aarti plate being carried by a member among the devotees as it get’s filled with offerings.
Mother captures a punch of Aarti for her small baby
Goddess Durga – May God bless one and All

Faith is the base behind all religions and rituals – nothing, no belief can be carried forward if the faith or the base is faulty.

Stay Blessed and healthy and enjoy the weekend.

Lots of love and a BIG KISS 🙂

In Good Faith…

To start with after I saw the daily prompt I read many of the responses, I did not mean to borrow ideas, today I wanted to read how others are thinking and how many people are having similar thoughts.

So most posts at least the ones I had read clearly state that they are not a church goer or a dedicated religious person and all agree to the fact that there is something, a force that drives us all.

So at times when people fall short, at times of distress, when we feel lost, when we are in the middle of nowhere, in emergency life and death situation, fear of losing –  do we utter God save me, and join our hands and look towards the sky.

It happens, I am not conservative when it comes to religion, I respect and believe in humanity above all. I had spent 12 years in a catholic school so I was brought up singing Carols.  So I enjoy most of the festivals and today y daughter sings the carols for me although she is not in the catholic now. However I love them and its nostalgic and the festive time of the year.

Baby Praying @http://agileopedia.com/
Baby Praying @http://agileopedia.com/

My daughter praying during my surgery.

So this post and most of the post responding to this prompt becomes more directed towards our religious faith rather than sharing our experiences around it.

Love all and stay happy and Keep the Faith in everyone whom you love, be it your near or dear ones or your pet.