Aarti – A Ritual Combining Blessings and Faith

Aarti is a ritual where-in The Goddess/God is worshipped using a lamp which is lit using cotton soaked in Ghee(purified butter) or camphor is burnt. Once the ceremony is completed someone would usually carry out the Aarti in a plate, as it is hot enough to carry on hand. Thereafter the Aarti is passed across everyone who is present so that they can the blessings and power from the divine light. Usually one would place his hand above the Aarti and rub it over his head and chest.  People in turn also offer some money in the plate in the name of God, you will find a pic below. A song(also referred to as Aarti of the particular God/Goddess) is also sung in praise of the God/Goddess, however it is not mandatory as at times mantras serve the purpose  too. The word is derived from Sanskrit and has a beautiful meaningsomething that removes darkness.

Mom’s are often seen waving the corner of their dresses or hankies and then tying a know to carry it for their kids, who are busy else where. This is a very divine feeling across Hindus and as we see the Aarti approaching we just jump to get our bit, it’s such a good feeling to carry after all. Enjoy the pics and hope you liked the ritual.

These pictures are from one of the Durga Puja Pandals (place of worship, like temple) which I visited recently. Durga Puja is a festival celebrated for Goddess Durga as she arrives along with her daughters and sons. It is celebrated for more than 5 days with great fervour. Initially to start with I just wanted to share the pics however could not resist myself from jotting down a few lines.

People rush to get their share of Aarti.
An Aarti plate being carried by a member among the devotees as it get’s filled with offerings.
Mother captures a punch of Aarti for her small baby
Goddess Durga – May God bless one and All

Faith is the base behind all religions and rituals – nothing, no belief can be carried forward if the faith or the base is faulty.

Stay Blessed and healthy and enjoy the weekend.

Lots of love and a BIG KISS 🙂

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