A Mixed bag of emotions

A photograph freezes a moment and makes it immortal. The feelings and the thoughts are captured forever and it is left upon the viewers to perceive it by their way.


This picture was taken during the “Durga Puja” festival and the beauty of the picture is that every face has a different feeling, emotion and a story to tell.

Stay safe and sound during this crisis situation and hope it will pass soon.

Hari Om, Jai Shree Krishna. Peace, Peace, Peace!


Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Purnima was celebrated across the country today. It is a bond, a symbol or bond of love between brothers and sisters. Sister ties a string in the hand of her brother and the brother is supposed to take care of his sister. Generally brother would also give a gift to his sister. You can read in more detail about the festival in the link at the beginning.

This Rakhi was special for us and our daughter Pearl, as she celebrated her first Rakhi by tying the band to Samarth. I wanted to share this and also to make you aware of this special religious part of our life which has very high importance and is celebrated with fervour across the nation.

Here are some snaps from the event and I hope you will like it.

Pearl ready with the Puja thal and deep( the flame)
The Puja Thal
She is all set for Arti of her brother
Doing Tilak with Roli(red powder and rice) — its a part of the custom
Had enough and now needs a nap

I had a wonderful time since the weekend and till now, I have been driving around across places with my family and spent some good time enjoying my holiday sans internet and mobile. Try to spend some good relaxing time esp. without technology at your bay, it will be a wonderful experience.

Have a great day ahead and wish you all lots of happiness 🙂


Holi was celebrated across the country with great fervor and enthusiasm, it has a special place across all people and is above the religions and classes. People from almost every religion and sect celebrate and look forward to this festival of colors.

Here I dare to share with you all a few moments with you so that you can also have a feel as to what’s happening in this part of the world, hope you will like it.

The beginning is marked with the lighting of HOLIKA a bonfire which is supposed to spread a good light and remove the evil  in the dark. People also offer prayers by walking around it and offering colours and sweets.

The Holi Bonfire, a boy gets silhouetted as I try to capture it.
Gujia and Colors for offering as the bonfire is seen in the back drop

The next day marks the celebration of colours wherein people put colours on each other and also hug each other as a tradition.



Even the elderly Enjoy
Even the elderly are young at heart.
Hand grenades aka water balloons filled with colors
Snacking Time
Time to get some snacks – a common buffet is organised during the play.


I wanted to share the colourful day with you all, will come back next year with some really stunning pics for this occasion as could not travel this year and for these snaps I had to capture it from a distance to protect it(my camera) from the people.

Have a great weekend and may you all have a colourful life too 🙂 Stay Blessed Hugs and Kisses….