The Mirror Crack’d

Imagine getting up in the morning to a world without mirrors.

Mirror Mirror on the wall don’t you ever lie at all, alas Mirror always speaks the truth.

These will become a talk of the past…Mirror will not be asked for lying or speaking the truth… The mirrors have cracked and ceased to exist.

It took a long time before it cracked…..

However there will be many repercussions due to the cracking:

  • Mirrors will find a new space in academics, moving from Physics Books(Reflection, Refraction, Concave and Convex Mirror theories) to finding a place in the History book(When was the first mirror made, when did the last mirror cracked, uses of Mirror…).
  • Less self-evaluation in front of the mirrors.
  • Fashion geeks will go bonkers.
  • One of the most famous German Fairy Tale(Snow White) would have to be re-written.
  • Cars will get equipped with cameras and lots more like these….
Mirror of Snow White
Mirror of Snow White

There will not be much difference in my life as I believe in the saying:

Spend a minute before the mirror, five before GOD and fifteen before yourself.

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