Nightmare Jobs

Hope everyone is in love with the job he does and we don’t end up with nightmare jobs or head towards it.

Everyone has their boundaries, limitations and promises to fulfill and at the end of the day they have to land up doing a certain job irrespective of their likeness. Simply put we should not comment as we don’t know how many smiling faces are behind his job. In fact we should have more respect for those stuck in situations where the working conditions are extreme for him.

We must respect the work done by every other person and no work is small or big or nightmarish. When a job turns out to be a nightmare it is by and large when there are human issues or working conditions are acute. These are the times which teach and make people more experienced and accomplished to handle such conditions and prepare for the next level.

At such times Keep the Faith in the saying:

“This too shall pass”

We must hold on to our instincts as time goes by and we have something better in our kitty.

The most daring job in this world and nightmarish too for me is to teach children. There is a mammoth amount of patience you should have. It is for sure that if you lack the patience in the beginning you will definitely have some while you end. Kids have a whirlpool of questions and all of them are meaningful for them. At the end either they learn everything or you seem to forget all your concepts.

Happy working everyone….

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