Can you keep a secret?

Secrets are a part of life and we all are part of it at some point of time or another, circumstances create them.

It all depends on the secret and the person involved, deciding whether the secret needs to be a secret at all.

Whether the secret is authentic:

Verify the secret, maybe it is not at all a secret. At times people who share something and ask to keep it a secret are doing this with a host of people. So it no longer remains a secret. Then there are people who spread gossips and to be protected ask to keep it as a secret. Get the secrets verified secretly before without worrying to protect the secret.

Does the secret needs to be discussed:

Circumstances often force people to situations which they may share with their intimate friends or family. If the problem needs discussion with a wider audience then we should guide the originator to sort out the situation and may be they could consult with other common friends to help it out.

I have witnessed in my life that secret is short-lived and whether I do it or not, very soon the so-called secret is public and wide open.

In my opinion if the secret is known to you it involves a person close to you. It is daunting to spill the beans and leak out the secret to others which he confronted with you as he had a trust in you. In other words it is termed as a breach and creating gossips. Secrets are shared to us by our friends’ family and in our professional world too.

So we should learn to have patience and handle the secrets with wits. This promotes a sense of strong bonding and a long-lasting relationship. Just be wise and keep the facts in place when you are handling secrets.

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