The power to foresee

You have the ORACLE with you and it can utter all the prediction for you.


Having this super power by my side I must ensure that it is used responsibly and for good and noble causes.

I don’t long for wealth by predicting the lotteries or the results of a Grand Slam or FIFA.

The boon will be used for the betterment of mankind, nature, saving lives, preventing accidents, preparing for major disasters to be handled.

The Malaysian Airlines would never have disappeared, nor would it have been taken down. I would ensure that our skies will be a lot safer and not due to advanced technology albeit by preventing air mishaps.

There would be no calamity of sunken ships and ferries, Titanic would have never sunk with such powers around.

I will also be preparing the countries for averting the major natural disasters and save more and more human lives. We lose so many lives in landslide, cloud-burst, floods, fire and epidemics.

Life is by planning however death cannot be planned. Death is inevitable and it should be oblivion. We are never aware of the numbers we have in our life, so let’s not get bothered that our life will be reduced by a day with each prediction. Life should be large; it may or may not be longer.

The feeling of happiness, satisfaction and the state of elation which will be achieved will never bother me to rethink about the fact that I am going to lose a day.

Let’s pray for a happy world… Stay blessed and waiting for the view of the blogging community to respond on it.

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