Litmus Test in Life!!!!

If you had to come up with one question, the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met, what would it be? What would the right answer be?

Does it sound interesting to you all, at least it does to me.

Litmus test on life @
Litmus test on life @

So the question which I would throw at the person would be:

What keeps you busy all day and is it a reason good enough to lend me $2000.

This will help me comprehend that what he does as a daily journal in life and provide a hint of whether he appreciates it or not. The way he narrates will help to understand whether he is contended in his life. Does he bestow respect for family, moral values, society and culture? This will indeed let me get a sneak peak in his life.

His preferences towards life on his daily routine, whether he is self employed, entrepreneur, working professional, Jazz artist, rock-star and the like.

The question will open up the Pandora ’s Box from his side which will be not only good to hear but at the same time provide a spring of surprises to me.

Whether he lends me a stranger 2000 bucks will decide his ability to trust persons and to make a friend forever. If he gives the money he will be ready to take a challenge and risk in life. I would like such a person and moreover he is providing me with some money, albeit I won’t accept it at the end.

These stints will be enough for me to concur whether I have a take or not.

This was my short and sweet view on the litmus test on strangers, do you have some other opinion or believe in what I said.


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