The Small Wonder:New Series

Imagine that you’ve just been named the casting director of your favorite television show (or movie franchise). The catch: you must replace the entire cast — with your friends and family. Who gets which role? Just read on my version of it.


It would be a fascinating experience to be the casting director of a TV series. I get to cast the glamorous personalities… Arghh… threre’s a catch; the cast needs to be from my family.

Indeed I will relish that too and will try to justify their roles.

Small Wonder
Small Wonder

The TV series which I choose will be “The Small Wonder”. This will be the perfect family entertainer and I have all the CAST to be replaced by my loved ones:

Viki originally played by Tiffany Brissette goes to my daughter; she is very chirpy and she will enjoy the role.

Jamie originally played by Jerry Supiran is played by my nephew.

I will myself replace Ted Lawson.

Joan’s replacement will be my wife Julian.

Harriet who is the neighbor’s daughter will be my next door neighbor’s daughter.

I do not find any other concerns for the remaining cast as the series revolves mostly on these characters.

So watch out for the new version of The Small Wonder coming soon at a TV near you.

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Digging into surprise….

500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?

From pats and pans to mobile and cans everything will be a surprise for them.

They will be surprised with the prized possession they have dug out and will display them proudly.

Some might even make the headlines like “A rare species of device is discovered which analyst assume was used to make calls in the 21st Century”. After 500 years technology might take a leap and people have device built in the human body. Arm being your dial pad and ear equipped with device to listen to the caller.

The discovery of bottles and taps assuming scarcity of water after 500 years will be termed as a major achievement.Analyst will present the tap to an audience as follows:

Just by turning the handle of this equipment they received as much water as they liked.


The reaction from the audience will be “We can’t believe it!!!”

Books will be a thing of the past and it will be another exciting material they would have found.

A special team will investigate the importance of “i” and Apple as a host of objects having Apple and iPad, iPhone etc. will be discovered.

Above all they will discover the existence of love, family, social life and bonding with the photographs and videos they discover and a new chapter of connecting with people will start in the era….

Relive the Childhood!!!!

Your adult self is suddenly locked in the body of a 12-year-old kid. How do you survive your first day back in school?

Going back to school
Going back to school

To start with it would be a wow feeling that I am back to best time of life as a child.

It is to relive the moment again and this time with greater wisdom and wit.

The slightest thought of it fascinates me; It’s like a reincarnation, so another aspect would be to do all the things which I missed doing or could not do for some reason.

It will not at all be scary for me to be back to school; in fact it will be wonderful. I would surprise everyone with all the facts and knowledge I have albeit being a 12-year old.  In fact if it is not a time travel then going to school will be an altogether a new experience with the colorful classrooms, presentations, host of sports and extra-curricular activities, the joy of never getting punished (like at our times the teachers would slap kids or hit with a ruler) and the beautiful teachers. At times I wish I could attend the class with my daughter, she is in 2nd grade. Love the small colorful chairs in her class.

I won’t miss out to:

  • Having lunch, before the lunch break.
  • Making out new friends.
  • Playing football and cricket in lunch time, as we already had our lunch.
  • Taking part in skits, singing the Christmas carols.
  • Engaging in fights. Blushing with my girlfriend.
  • Will teach the basics etiquettes of internet and blogging and its importance in life, if not a time travel.

We grow up, land up with handsome paying jobs, get married and after few days get paranoid. The life in this era of Facebook and Twitter has become so monotonous and busy (without reason) that this would be a real refresher for people. People end up putting enormous time in social media while they are not communicating with their family, friends or neighbors.

This will be a golden chance to go back to the time when relations and people were valued more than having sharing and likes.

So to wrap it up:

Thy take my money, thy take my name,Thy take my fame and gain.

Return me back my childhood,

Wherein I sailed my paper boat and get drenched in the rain.

Let me fly by the speed of light and be the 12 year old with a matured sight.

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Nightmare Jobs

Hope everyone is in love with the job he does and we don’t end up with nightmare jobs or head towards it.

Everyone has their boundaries, limitations and promises to fulfill and at the end of the day they have to land up doing a certain job irrespective of their likeness. Simply put we should not comment as we don’t know how many smiling faces are behind his job. In fact we should have more respect for those stuck in situations where the working conditions are extreme for him.

We must respect the work done by every other person and no work is small or big or nightmarish. When a job turns out to be a nightmare it is by and large when there are human issues or working conditions are acute. These are the times which teach and make people more experienced and accomplished to handle such conditions and prepare for the next level.

At such times Keep the Faith in the saying:

“This too shall pass”

We must hold on to our instincts as time goes by and we have something better in our kitty.

The most daring job in this world and nightmarish too for me is to teach children. There is a mammoth amount of patience you should have. It is for sure that if you lack the patience in the beginning you will definitely have some while you end. Kids have a whirlpool of questions and all of them are meaningful for them. At the end either they learn everything or you seem to forget all your concepts.

Happy working everyone….

The Mirror Crack’d

Imagine getting up in the morning to a world without mirrors.

Mirror Mirror on the wall don’t you ever lie at all, alas Mirror always speaks the truth.

These will become a talk of the past…Mirror will not be asked for lying or speaking the truth… The mirrors have cracked and ceased to exist.

It took a long time before it cracked…..

However there will be many repercussions due to the cracking:

  • Mirrors will find a new space in academics, moving from Physics Books(Reflection, Refraction, Concave and Convex Mirror theories) to finding a place in the History book(When was the first mirror made, when did the last mirror cracked, uses of Mirror…).
  • Less self-evaluation in front of the mirrors.
  • Fashion geeks will go bonkers.
  • One of the most famous German Fairy Tale(Snow White) would have to be re-written.
  • Cars will get equipped with cameras and lots more like these….
Mirror of Snow White
Mirror of Snow White

There will not be much difference in my life as I believe in the saying:

Spend a minute before the mirror, five before GOD and fifteen before yourself.