A day without being connected…

I am back…. feeling good and proud and what a time to be back, its NaBloPoMo. National Blog Posting Month is here, so raise your sleeves, get your writing juices flowing and make a rocking start for this month. 

Coming back to the post, I was going through a tight schedule and repented not getting time to post. Suddenly something cracked, Ahhhh! my Note 3 was down and it blacked out.

Owing to the busy schedule I was not able to run it through the service center. So I got disconnected from the world. Fortunately my life and work survives as long as I am sending and receiving emails.

I wanted to share this wonderful feeling that I have been through i.e. living without my mobile. No worries to carry it, now fears to forget or no handle with cares. Checking emails over mobile was gone so all worries gone while I am eating, relaxing, sipping coffee or with my family, no intruders.

You just feel so relaxed and suddenly I was getting connected to more and more people around me and talked to them more than I used to do.

So what would I like to speed up or slow down. The following comes to my mind immediately:

  1. Going through the current ordeal I would like to speed up the process in which repairing any faulty devices takes less time.
  2. Thereafter I would like to speed up the process of getting babies born may be 9 weeks. A little bit of time is good as my wife and myself enjoyed this duration, however at times you feel to shorten it.
  3. Speed up the recovery of people suffering from critical illness.
  4. Speed up the week days and down the week ends.

Enjoy your weekend and have a blast, come back here and share some words to last.

I adore comments! Thanks for stopping by to visit.

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