The ability to Persist

This was the time of life when I was having a bumpy ride in my life. I don’t want to dig you deeper in my life however the story is around this.

When you face the toughest challenges in home, work or life, you need to remember two golden words “HOLD ON“, don’t give up and stay till the end before you call a quit and always remember the saying This too shall pass.

When I was having this situation and badly needed some motivation and inspiration my Dad narrated me a short story, not exactly a story but a motivational thought.

He said look son, people are afraid of putting their hands on fire(situations), they don’t want to take risk and some have fear of getting exposed(these are the one who want to remain encapsulated). Once you are into the situation (with others too) just remember to firmly keep your hands above the fire until the flames douses off.

Diya: An Earthen Lamp, lamp made from mud
Diya: An Earthen Lamp, lamp made from mud

Always remember that no matter how severe and devastating the fire is, at the end it always douses off. Have you ever seen or heard anything contrary to this. Be it a matchstick or a massive fire, it always goes off. These simple yet powerful thoughts shared by him made an impact, a connection in my mind which gave me motivation enough to recollect and re-build myself and my inner strengths to fight the situation.

During such situations in life we should have this ability to persist, and firmly hold on until the fire goes off, i.e. the situation is well handled. People often do the mistake by quitting earlier; Feel the heat, Bear the brunt and remember thy shall come out victorious.

To end with my motivational story telling I would like to share with you all the Billy Joel track “We didn’t start the fire”, which came to my mind while writing this post:

We didn’t start the fire,
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning.
We didn’t start the fire,
No we didn’t light it
But we tried to fight it.

Happy posting Month.

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